When it comes to baked goods, there are some general assumptions out there. Assumption #78: When I say “muffin” you think “sweet.”


Not in this case. On one particularly rainy Sunday afternoon, I felt a yearning for some warm, scented goodness baking in my kitchen. Although at first I thumbed my cookbooks for something heavy on cinnamon, I ultimately chose a savory muffin from Melissa Murphy’s The Sweet Melissa Baking Book. I already  had some experience with Murphy’s recipes and was eager to expand my knowledge.


Melissa Murphy, of the Brooklyn Patisseries and baking book provides a 4-for-one bargain recipe for savory muffins. Starting with a baseline of a basic savory muffin recipe and then provides four options to spice it up, so to speak:


Goat cheese, olive, and thyme muffins

Caramelized onion, sage and cheddar muffins

Bosc pear, blue cheese, and walnut muffins

Sun-dried tomatoes, feta, and oregano muffins


I chose the third option as it contains three of my favorite ingredients. Plus, it was a perfect accompaniment to the refresco soup Mike brought home from the DuPont farmer’s market.


So a note on the instructions below – does anyone else find themselves awkwardly discovering specific directions after you are 75% complete with all other steps? In this case, it was realizing that the milk and cream were supposed to be room temperature. Whoops. Mine were fresh from the fridge and as cool as white marble. In past debacles, I’ve discovered that batter must refrigerate for at least two hours. This is Exhibit Q of why baking in a hurry benefits no one. In the end, this was resolved by patience and some quality time with my DVR while I waited for the liquid to warm up.