Deep in the heart of Texas, we needed a meal. It was the weekend of my brother Jimmy’s college graduation in Dallas. We arrived on Saturday morning and had a lovely brunch at Esperanza’s Bakery in Ft. Worth (an offshoot of the famous Joe T’ Garcia’s restaurant, which is across the street). After the meal, we even picked up two dozen delicious, brightly colored Mexican cookies to take back to the hotel to share with family.


On Sunday evening, the family festivities were coming to a close. The only family members left in town were Mike, Jimmy (who was patiently waiting for us to skip town so the real celebrations could start), my parents and me. My parents wanted to try a downtown diner called Snookies, basically because it was my grandmother’s nickname.


I was a little skeptical. I can’t speak to the whole of Dallas dining based solely on our two days there. But I can tell you that I was looking forward to some green and fresh items once we got home. Good news: the food was pretty good Snookies is your classic burger place – lots of burger options, milkshakes, fried anything, and – what’s this? – an ostrich burger.



This is a first. It was labeled as leaner and more flavorful than regular beef. Well I can get behind that. Plus I’ve kind of been known to eat a strange item or two, when the occasion calls for it.


It was delicious! I was expecting a light colored meat and poultry-driven flavor. You know, a big chicken. This ostrich burger was beefalicious. It was a dark, flavorful meat which actually tasted more beefy than many hamburgers I’ve consumed in my day. Every bite was a full of flavor, juice and the perfect texture. In short: I devoured it.


Back in DC, I’ve been looking around for any ostrich burger options and came up with some surprising results. My first surprise? Fuddruckers. That’s right, the “upscale” burger chain of the ‘burbs has had ostrich on its menu for over 8 years.  Joe’s Burgers in McLean, VA has an ostrich on the menu as well, making it my first (and last?) McLean, VA dining destination. The option I’m most exited about is Bourbon. With locations Glover Park and Adams Morgan, this is a great little bar that serves up dozens of my favorite libation and now I have a reason to hang out when the kitchen is open.


I look forward to having this dish in the future. Hopefully DC’s version is as good as the one I stumbled upon in north Texas.

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