This was going to be a quick post just wishing everyone a happy Independence Day with a promise to report on any food served at the White House’s Fourth of July fireworks viewing party, but a visit to Cafe Atlantico yesterday turned up some news that seems to have gone unreported thus far and I just have to share.

At the conclusion of tonight’s second seating at Minibar, Chef Katsuya Fukushima will be leaving the kitchen at Atlantico to take on a new executive position within ThinkFoodGroup.  Although he indicated that he will technically still be the Executive Chef behind Minibar and Atlantico, he will no longer be as hands-on as he has been since starting at Atlantico in 2002.

As anyone who has eaten at Minibar can tell you, Fukushima’s inspirations and influence are felt throughout the tasting menu – his bio on the website specifically credits him with the creation of the renowned foie gras cotton candy as well as the ravioli they create from thin strips of jicama, mango and pineapple.

We wish Chef Fukushima all the best in his new role across the range of ThinkFoodGroup’s projects, and we hope that he will continue to have a significant impact on the creative cuisine coming out of Cafe Atlantico and Minibar.