We were psyched to check out the Internets yesterday and discover Endless Simmer gave us a killer “E for Excellent” blog rating award. What can I say? We’re just the food geeks excited to be invited to a cool guy’s party.

Because sharing is caring (and it’s the whole point of this award, so pass it on), here’s our list of 10 most excellent blogs:

  1. Frozen Tropics: Elise keeps us up to date on the good, the bad and the gentrifying in the H St/Trinidad area.
  2. DC Foodies: The granddaddy of DC food blogs. Respect. (Plus their cheese writer is sexy.)
  3. So Good: Fortune 500 corporations spend millions on R&D for food products and marketing strategy. Eick picks them apart in a DC-minute (which is a lot like a New York minute except for extra time added for bureaucracy, getting stuck behind motorcades and broken escalators in the metro).
  4. Katie Barnes Photography: Hands down the best photojournalism blog out there.
    (5 – 10 after the jump)
  5. Pop Candy: All things alternative pop culture. Plus it’s a great source for new and rising music.
  6. Fail Blog: Simple. Perfect. Hilarious.
  7. Stuff White People Like: Great satire.
  8. The Bitten Word: Go for the food porn, stay for the write ups.
  9. The Houndstooth Gourmet: A great report on cooking what’s in season in DC.
  10. Overheard in New York: All those crowded trains are good for something.