The restaurant chain Bennigans has declared bankruptcy and will close its doors. RIP fried club sandwich Monte Cristo. Oh Bennigans. Your sampler platter was the deadliest of all. 

On the other side of the food spectrum, Seattle company Organic to Go opened the doors to its first DC lunch spot this week. Their first open location is in the former High Noon at 1311 F St NW (metro center area). Swing by and take a look, you’ll barely recognize the place. Future establishments are opening soon in McPherson Square, DuPont and Rosslyn. Thanks to Going Green DC for the heads up.
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Responding to obesity rates, Type II Diabetes, hypertension and a host of other diet-related issues, DC’s local food pantries are giving their foods a health-focused makeover.    

Apples and Bananas reports that Tallulah has a new chef in town. Chef Andrew Markert will take the reins as Executive Chef “before the end of the month.” Which is pretty much right now.  We’ve only been to Tallulah for dinner once and really enjoyed it. Let’s up these changes keep the Arlington neighborhood favorite on the up and up.

Kool-Aid, Ben & Jerry’s and what the Congolese are eating after the jump!

Okay, who has been bringing Kool-Aid with their brown bag lunch? Kraft would like to send you a thank-you note. According to the New York Times, sales of their orange plastic cheese are down but their beverages such as Maxwell House and Kool-Aid are up. The same article points out that soaring grain costs have hurt profits of Tysons Foods, which is the world’s biggest meat company.

The New York Times published a culinary travel piece on Scotland. Seriously. Come to think of it, I think the last time I ate in a Bennigans was in Glasgow. Go figure.

The FTC issued recommendations on marketing food to children, a $1.6 billion industry. 

Farmers in the Congo are working with the UN on a new bumper crop of cassava, a potato-like tuber. While some tout the crop as a life-saver for families, it is raising eyebrows. This genetically engineered plant is drought resistant but can also produce cyanide when not “properly refined.” I do believe other nations would remind the UN that monocultures aren’t exactly a foolproof plan against famine. Don’t put all your potatoes in one basket. 

I’m not a doctor but I drink like one on TV. Dr Pepper’s new advertisements feature “doctors” such as Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer) and Dr J (Julius Erving) helping highlight the scientific research that Dr. Pepper tastes better when you drink it slowly.

Feeling both fat and poor these days? Lucky you! Ben & Jerry’s announced they will offer “fat free” teas for less than a buck.