A quick round up of food news…

Olive Garden Scratches Its Head Over Rogue Spokesperson: Kendra Wilkinson, Hugh Hefner girlfriend and “star” of E!’s The Girls Next Door is an outspoken fan of Olive Garden. The “when you’re here, you’re family” chain isn’t quite sure what to make of it.MediaPost

Sex Sells… French Fries? New York Fries, a Canadian company (ahem), released a series of print ads that argue its preservative-free fries are kinda sorta natural, at least compared to other fake things like toupees and big boobs. I would argue that they should have a location in the state of New York before calling out other things for being fake. These guys wish they had Olive Garden’s problem.

After the jump: are you drinking as much? how greasy is your breakfast?

Bad Restaurants Fight for Your Breakfast Dollar: It’s the most important meal of the day so the Axis of Calories want to make sure you start off feeling bloated and greasy. Jack-in-the- Box is kicking off a “brunch” menu, Denny’s is offering breakfast-to-go and McDonald’s, being McDonald’s, thinks the answer is in a “portable” meal. 
Americans Staying Sober-er: A recent study says alcohol use is declining among Americans. This is especially odd as alcohol consumption is supposed to rise or increase during times of economic distress. 
Does Your Phone Reflect Your Foodie Habits? Arby’s is now offering coupons via your mobile phone. Metrocurean gives us the low down on cool iPhone foodie apps
Hey Kid! Buy My Cereal! Advertising to unhealthy foods to kids continues to be a hot button issue for lawmakers. Honestly, where would cereal companies be without child-centric marketing? Doesn’t anyone else reminisce about Ghostbusters cereal with fondness?