A quick hit round up of food in the news…

Wine Spectator Gets Punked: Wine Spectator gave their award of excellence to a non-existent Italian restaurant. Wine critic Robin Goldstein decided to expose the lack of scrutiny associated with wine awards and set up a web site, copy of the restaurant’s menu, wine list (loaded with a handful of well-known wine flops) and – most importantly, according to Goldstein – submitted the $250 entry fee to include the restaurant for consideration. 

Would you like interactive marketing with your coffee?: Dunkin Donuts is testing interactive advertisements in stores that will display messages based on what you have already purchased. 

Hip hop honey bees and Jessica Simpson, beer shill, after the jump.

Food marketers re-launch old brands: In an effort to brand smarter, not harder, some food marketers are bringing back their also-rans, such as Hydrox cookies and Eagle snacks. 

Jessica Simpson signs on as beer spokesperson: Stampede beer advertisements will feature Texas-native Jessica Simpson in targeted regional markets. Interesting note: Simpons’s deal includes a 15% stake in the three-year old company.

Haagen-Dazs Gets the Buzz: Ice-cream makers Haagen-Dazs is going viral with a bee-inspired hip hop dance off  video about the honey-bee colony collapse. 

Food prices rise; stock up on ramen: The USDA issued a warning that food prices are facing their most significant increase since 1990.