Much like gourmet burgers and cupcakes, DC is now crackling with tart frozen yogurt shops. Always eager to keep DC’s diners armed, especially if we get to induldge a sweet tooth on the way, we did a tasting tour of the Big Three.  Pictures and comparisons after the jump. 

Located in the original Philly Cheese building of Georgetown, Sweet Green bears no resemblance to its greasy predecessor.  This clean, well-lit space serves up fresh salads alongside its “sweetflow” yogurt. SweetGreen’s yogurt boasts live active cultures and an assortment of fresh fruit toppings. Of the three we tried, SweetGreen’s yogurt tastes the most like actual, real life yogurt. Walking down M Street with our bounty, it tasted like we were eating frozen spoonfuls of delicious, creamy Fage. As an added bonus, SweetGreen emphasizes sustainability, distribting their goods in bio-degradable containers and sourcing from all-natural, locally-grown ingredients.

3333 M St NW
Washington, DC 20007
Sweet Green on Urbanspoon 

Mr. Yogato
Of the three yogurt biggies, Mr. Yogato has the most laid-back, neighborhood vibe and the friendliest staff. Slipped into the basement unit of a Logan Cirlce commercial townhouse, Mr. Yogato goes for a fun, upbeat vibe with goofy discounts (“Get 10% off if you order with a Crocodile Dundee accent!”) and playful decorations.  Mr. Yogato also scored major points with their fine slection of sugary cereals to use as toppings in addition to the de rigeur fresh fruit. Pineapple is nice and all, but the sugary crunch of Fruity Pebbles on top of the yogurt really knocked it out of the park.

1515 17th St NW
Washington, DC 20036
Mr. Yogato on Urbanspoon 

If Mr. Yogato is where yogurt-lovers go to be silly and get accent-induced discounts, TangySweet is where they go when Fur is closed. Sleek, modern and cavernous, TangySweet also offers free “spa water” (water with fruit in it) and offers a fun twist on yogurt flavors with the green tea infusion. Of the three we tasted, TangySweet’s yogurt was the lightest and airiest – almost as if it had been whipped before serving. The green tea flavor was light and subtle, it may get overwhelmed with heavy fruit toppings but I appreciated the switch in flavors.

2029 P St NW
Washington, DC  20036
Tangysweet on Urbanspoon

Still to Come

In case these three just aren’t enough, we’re poised to get at least one more yogurt purveyor in the next year – and its M Street location will allow fanatics to score a fresh cup roughly every seven blocks from 17th Street to 34th.  CD Warehouse has closed its doors at the corner of 30th and M (across from Citronelle), and signage in the window indicates that it is to be replaced by IceBerry, an LA-based chain that already has locations in Reston, Chantilly and Springfield.

And we’re all still holding our breath waiting for the promised PinkBerry invasion that the Post Express talked about last summer – though the company has since denied any plans to expand into our area to at least one person who wrote in to ask about a timeline.