August 2008

A map of RNC sites and recommended restaurants in Minneapolis-St. Paul created by Capital Spice

Here at Capital Spice, we know that both parties have their fair share of foodies who will be making the trek to the national conventions in the next two weeks.

Last week, we teamed up with Mile High Eater to offer our readers who are headed out to Denver some suggestions on where to enjoy the best Colorado cuisine.

This week, we turn our attention to Republican foodies who will be making their way to Saint Paul for the GOP convention.  Going right to the source for our recommendations once again, we found Twin Cities Eats, a terrific blog that has been chronicling the Minneapolis-Saint Paul dining scene for the past two years.  This prolific blogger has reviewed more than 100 restaurants, and her style makes reading through them all a treat.

Find her insider’s view of the top restaurants, the best cost-conscious options, and a selection of additional foodie destinations after the jump. (more…)

It’s just this simple: if you want tasty, authentic Mexican food in Washington, you need to find a way to get to Ann Cashion’s Taqueria Nacional.   

Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done for most of us because this carryout tribute to LA’s taco trucks is only open from 7 AM to 3 PM Monday through Friday.  Lucky you if you live or work near Union Station and can stop by during the week!  If not, you may want to seriously consider taking a sick day so you can check this place out for yourself

When Elizabeth arrived in Washington after spending her college years in California, she quickly came to the conclusion that the DC Mexican food scene was sorely lacking.  After a few meals of tired tacos and boring burritos, she pretty much gave up on finding anything like what she had previously known and loved.

All that changed earlier this month, when she took her first trip to Taqueria Nacional.


Photo by Ben Schumin, courtesy of Wikimedia

Photo by Ben Schumin, courtesy of Wikimedia

If the half-smoke is Washington’s defining dish, as everyone from the Post Magazine to the Washington City Paper has said time and time again, then Ben’s Chili Bowl is Webster’s dictionary.

Whether you’re a famous celebrity chef or a famous Travel Channel – ummm – traveler, Ben’s is a must.  And considering that Ben’s has been a witness to the past half-century of Washington’s history, is that really a surprise?

This Friday, August 22nd, marks Ben’s Chili Bowl’s fiftieth anniversary, and this icon is throwing open the doors to celebrate with the Washington community in a big way – with an Anniversary Gala Thursday night at the Lincoln Theatre, a Block Party, and an all-day concert at the 9:30 Club.

More about the events, a commemorative book that has just been released, and a few thoughts about the best way to enjoy Ben’s (no, it’s not drunk – though that’s not bad, either) after the jump.


A quick round up of food news…

Olive Garden Scratches Its Head Over Rogue Spokesperson: Kendra Wilkinson, Hugh Hefner girlfriend and “star” of E!’s The Girls Next Door is an outspoken fan of Olive Garden. The “when you’re here, you’re family” chain isn’t quite sure what to make of it.MediaPost

Sex Sells… French Fries? New York Fries, a Canadian company (ahem), released a series of print ads that argue its preservative-free fries are kinda sorta natural, at least compared to other fake things like toupees and big boobs. I would argue that they should have a location in the state of New York before calling out other things for being fake. These guys wish they had Olive Garden’s problem.

After the jump: are you drinking as much? how greasy is your breakfast?


The dog days of summer can be rough on a baker: farmers markets are brimming with produce and potential but cranking up an oven during a hot August afternoon feels like a fool’s errand. What’s a sweet tooth to do? Luckily, tiramisu is here to help.

Tiramisu is a creamy Italian dessert cake built with four basic ingredients: egg yolks, mascarpone, lady fingers and espresso. Homemade tiramisu can be created with store-bought lady fingers which means you won’t need to bake anything. The only thing heating up your kitchen will be your electric mixer and coffee machine. As an added bonus, this dish is heavy on assembly and light on cutting: it’s a great cooking activity with kids. (more…)

A map of DNC sites and recommended restaurants in Denver created by Capital Spice

A map of DNC sites and recommended restaurants in Denver created by Capital Spice

Whether you’ve got your golden ticket to see Barack Obama or you’re hoping to pick one up for “top dollar” on Craig’s List, if you’re a foodie headed to Denver for the Democratic National Convention this month you’re probably looking for a few good recommendations on can’t-miss places to eat (and drink) in the Mile High City.  Our search for the best that Denver has to offer led us to Chowhound, Westword, and even OpenTable before we came up with a rather obvious answer – ask local bloggers who write about the Denver dining scene the way we write about DC!

As it turns out, Denver isn’t quite the haven of food bloggers that DC is, but we found a great resource in the form of The Mile High Eater, Jonathan and Barbara W’s blog about their dining experiences in and around Denver.  We reached out and they were more than willing to help, offering some great suggestions for fine dining, casual fare, and can’t-miss desserts that are sure to please your palate.

Check out their suggestions after the jump. (more…)

Living in DC has never been cheap but these days the financial hit can be downright painful.  Restaurants are raising prices to handle the rising food costs, and the 1 in 4 DC residents who work for The Man are eyeing November wondering if they’ll have a job in 2009.

Lucky for us, Jimmy T’s on the Hill offers up retro prices in a kitschy, old school atmosphere: this greasy spoon is one of the few places in town where you can order a full meal for less than $10. For years, Jimmy T’s has been a Hill institution for those looking for a quick breakfast before work or a hangover antidote on Sunday morning.  (more…)

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