You’ve packed away your white linen. The local swimming pool is closed. But the official end of summer doesn’t mean the end of warm weather in DC. Like squeezing a lemon for those last few drops of juice, here are five foodie tips for making summer last just a little longer:

Quarterdeck: What is more deliciously summery than dining al fresco, frosty pitchers of beer and taking a wooden mallet to a freshly steamed, Old Bay-dusted crab? Quarterdeck delivers all three in spades and good news: they keep on serving crabs until the third week in October.

Tart Frozen Yogurt: Gone are the days when bubble gum ice cream and clown cones put us into the express lane to happiness. Luckily, DC offers myriad cool treats for the adult palate to keep you cool and calorie-guilt-free through the warm September (and maybe October, if we’re lucky). These days, you can’t throw an iPhone in a well-to-do neighborhood without hitting a tart frozen yogurt shop and even more are on the way.

Local Gelato: For those who prefer a little cream and more flavor options, we heartily recommend Dolcezza for their gelato. Dolcezza’s gelato is prepared on site in their Georgetown storefront and is also available on Thursdays and Sundays at the Penn Quarter and Dupont farmer’s markets. Dolcezza delivers all the classic gelato flavors you wolfed down during your last trip to Rome, but the real stars are concoctions made with in-season, local fruit. On a recent visit, Mike and I couldn’t get enough of the peach bourbon or white peach prosecco flavors. Dolcezza on Urbanspoon

Picnic Pick-Me-Up: Tourists cross the globe to get an eyeful of the sights in our very own backyard. Live like a relaxed tourist for an afternoon with a picnic. It’s a fool-proof way to lower your blood pressure and you’ll get to enjoy a little fresh air and sunshine (or shade, if you’re into that kind of thing). Like a Choose Your Own Adventure, the food and location combinations for a DC picnic are endless. We bulk up on our favorite supplies at A. Litteri’s in Northeast, Cheesetique in Del Ray and farmer’s markets pretty much anywhere. From there you can hike, bike or drive to your destination of choice.  If water is more your speed, a recent post from The Arugula Files seduced us with the one-two-punch of picnicking and kayaking.

Gazpacho: Does anyone else remember that cheesey Washington Post commercial that closed with the “Cold soup, not as bad as you’d think” dork? Well, he was right about gazpacho. It’s pretty awesome. You can hit up the local farmers markets for heirloom tomatoes for the make-at-home variety or get thee to a DC restaurant focusing on seasonal foods for a professional’s take. So far this summer we’ve loved gazpacho creations from Poste, who pour their chilled soup from a teapot over mustard ice cream, Blue Duck and  Nora

Cheers! And don’t forget the sunscreen.