Okay, in fairness every month is bourbon month for us. But for realsies, September is National Bourbon Heritage Month and since Maker’s Mark is the spirit of choice at Casa de Capital Spice, we couldn’t let this occasion go by unnoted.

Mike has always had the good sense to appreciate bourbon but I only became a convert after a fantastic trip to Kentucky a few years ago. I was skeptical – most whiskeys still make me grimace – but an enthusiastic tour guide and a few tastings opened my eyes to the beautiful world of Kentucky’s finest. Now a nice bourbon Manhattan, preferably paired with oysters, is the best salve to a rough day.

To share the joy, we’ll pony up our top bourbon-related recommendations to celebrate the month in style. Check out the first option after the jump:

On September 17th, Jackson 20 gets in on the celebrations with a bourbon and boar dinner at their private chef’s table. Featuring a six-course tasting menu paired with matching bourbon cocktails, diners will be treated to concotions such as cider braised belly with roasted peaches, blackberry and sherry syrup and a beer braised shoulder with black beans and ancho chilies. I’ve only tried boar once at Dino but it was delicious – similar to its tamer pork cousin but with a denser flavor and a little heartier.

The cocktails, all bourbon based, are intriguing infusions I hope will stay on the bar menu after the event. They aren’t brand loyal here and the menu includes names such as Maker’s Mark, Buffalo Trace and Woodford Reserve. If that isn’t enough Bourbon fix for you, head down the street to PX and try their delicious bourbon-peach cobbler cocktail made with fresh, in-season peaches.

Have a bourbon celebration tip? Send it our way! We’ll be back with more next week.

Jackson 20
480 King St
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 842-2790 (Space is limited for the bourbon/boar dinner. The tasting menu is $75.)
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