Grabbing a pulled pork sandwich at Old Glory is a rite of passage for DC visitors and new residents alike. The two-story BBQ joint may not be the most authentic in DC, but it keeps Georgetown from getting too snobby. Throbbing with American flags, good ol’ boy classic rock and a down home greeting (watch out for that stamp from your server – it could claim a finger), Old Glory could have just as easily doubled as Fred Thompson’s short-lived campaign headquarters.

As a Kansas City native and BBQ geek, I have mixed feelings about Old Glory. It’s a lively restaurant that’s always a safe bet for happy hours and groups, especially if you can snag a seat on their outdoor patio. But that “KC style” bbq sauce? So off target and abominable it should be considered a hate crime.

One thing that I will not dispute is Old Glory’s dedication to bourbon. In case you didn’t hear, September is National Bourbon Month and we’re all about celebrating. If you and bourbon are already buddies or if you’re still waiting for someone to make a formal introduction, Old Glory is the place. Learn about the Old Glory Bourbon Club after the jump!

Joining the bourbon club is not unlike becoming a member of certain groups in college: you simply need the discipline, drive, liver and budget. Old Glory keeps about 80 varieties of bourbon on stock. The goal, quite simply, is to drink at least one serving of each of these options within one year of signing up. Think you’re up to the challenge? Kick off initiation by requesting a bourbon club sheet from your server. (You can check out in our handy dandy stolen donated sample here).

This will be your tally sheet where you keep track of all the bourbons you’ve sampled. Bourbon options range from pedestrian (hello Wild Turkey!) to small batch, so you can anticipate getting to know a full range of options during your club initiation. Naturally prices match these options so the whole ride will set you back about $500 over the course of the year.

So what’s the big pay off? You may dream of your name in lights but Old Glory offers a surefire way to get your name in brass: everyone who completes their bourbon club challenge gets their name engraved on a plaque and posted on the wall in the restaurant. Yeah, yeah, I was a psych minor and know symbolic self-completion when I see it, but I still think this is kind of bad ass. One of these days I hope to add my name to this esteemed, drunk list.

Old Glory
3139 M St NW
Washington, DC 20007
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