In case you missed it in the Post last week:

“It’s a straight going-out-of-business liquidation sale” at Linens ‘N Things as the alterna-Bed Bath & Beyond started selling down to the bare walls in their remaining stores on Friday.

The Jersey-based retail chain had been looking for a buyer, but they came up empty and decided to liquidate as of last week.

Though pessimists may choose to see this as another indicator of economic woe, there is certainly a silver lining for those of us who covet mandolines, ice cream makers and a full complement of accessories for our KitchenAid mixers: prices have already been cut 10-30% in stores and online, and further reductions are likely to occur over the next few weeks as they work to move as much inventory as possible.

I happened into the Pentagon City location (with College Park and Chevy Chase, one of three in the area) unawares on Sunday, so I wasn’t adequately prepared for the sight that met me – throngs of shoppers sifting through Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations; college students loading up on Brita filters and out-of-season grilling equipment; sensible bargain hunters gathering matching sets of sheets and towels.

Even so, I was able to casually make my way back to the kitchen appliances department and take a good look around.  Maybe it’s because these items are more ‘Things’ than ‘Linens,’ but they seemed to have escaped the brunt of the shopping to that point.  I would have expected bigger ticket items to be the first to go, as their higher price tags would translate to greater savings in the clearance.  But there were still plenty of Henckels knives, Breville espresso machines, and Calphalon cookware to be had.

Which brings me to the point of this post.  We here at Capital Spice know a good thing when we see it, and 30% discounts definitely qualify.  If there’s someone on your holiday shopping list who likes to cook, now’s a great time to head over and score a deal on a winning gift.   Just think about those smiling foodies’ faces when they open up their presents and see top-of-the-line kitchen gadgets instead of the usual iTunes gift cards!

All sales are final, both online and in the store, so give it some thought before you rush out and buy that Doggy Step (As Seen on TV!) on a whim.  But don’t allow the closing to keep you from taking the plunge.  Manufacturers’ warranties are still in effect, so you needn’t worry about buying a lemon of a juicer and getting stuck with it.

Just make sure you don’t get between us and that mandoline we’ve had our eyes on…we’ll cut ya!