We are bruised and battered. Adventures this weekend included a 5-alarm fire and trip to the ER but it was all in the name of a good Fakesgiving dinner. We’ll post more on that in the coming week. In the meantime, here are some foodie stories to peruse with your Sunday morning coffee: 

Ever wonder how “local” your locally grown produce is? I know I wonder that when I see pineapples at the farmer’s line at Eastern market.

The weather is cooling down but we’re ready to cozy up with this warm potato salad with goat cheese.  

I’m wondering which of my cousins I can convince to marry into this French family of oyster farmers

The DC Food Bank is expanding

New Michelin guides are out (yay!) but there is no guide for DC (boo!). You’ll have to go to New York for your nearest Michelin-starred restaurant. We recommend The Spotted Pig, but that’s because it’s the only one we’ve ever been to. 

After the jump: Fatties and marketing dollars, Top Chef and booze!

Food marketing research says the prepackaged food positioning is is shifting from products that are less evil (30% less fat!) to proactive benefits (“it’ll cleanse your liver!”). Which I guess is good since this article argues that fatties = killer marketing opportunities

Large coffee chains are aggressively trying to get you in their doors. Starbucks has launched a Gold Reward program and Caribou Coffee has begun accepting coupons from your mobile phone.  

Christopha! Did you hear about this Sopranos wine about to hit the market? 

The London restaurant scene continues to swing with new restaurants and hot lady chefs.  If the exchange rate is still too much to handle, check out this list of top 10 pre-packaged soups in England. Yeah. I guess they’re really into the soup over there. 

Have you ever been rocking out to Guitar Hero and gotten a sudden craving for the Colonel’s 11 herbs and spices? Here’s why

When the Dow goes down the drinking goes up. Microbreweries in Brooklyn are on the rise.  Their timing is good: small batch beer sales are on the rise across the nation.

Breaking news: DCist writer gets punched in the face. Eats burrito anyway

Check out this interactive map of the 100 best restaurants in San Francisco.

Top Chef has a new crop of sponsors for their new season. We’ll be cheering on local DC chef Carla Hall during her many quick fire challenges featuring Campbell’s soup and Diet Dr. Pepper.