<<EDIT 11/4 @ 10 AM:  As you might expect, we’re not the only ones on the Internets spreading the word about rewards for voting.  DCist has what might be the best of the bunch – a free cheese plate at Dino – and Endless Simmer clues us in to Top Chef Spike’s largesse in the form of a free brownie or cookie at Good Stuff Eatery.>>

There are plenty of reasons to vote: civic responsibility, a desire for real change, the right to complain about the outcome after the fact.  But we all know those just aren’t enough for some of us…and it’s getting harder and harder for politicians to outright buy our votes.

So what’s in it for you this year?  Plenty, as long as you’re willing to load up on sweets and treats.  Your “I Voted!” sticker is like a grown-up version of a Halloween costume on Election Day, allowing you to trick-or-treat your way to free food and drinks throughout the city. 

Coffee, tacos and Bourbon are just a few of the democra-licious incentives to cast a vote tomorrow – find them and more after the jump:

Starbucks What if we all cared enough to get really, really caffeinated on Election Day?  Tell the folks at your neighborhood Starbucks that you voted on Election Day, get a free tall (small) coffee, then walk three blocks to the next one and do it again.  The shortest distance between two points in Washington is almost guaranteed to have at least three Starbucks locations along the way, so you should be nicely buzzed by the end of the day.

Krispy KremeHot. Vote. Now.  Featuring copy by Frankenstein’s monster, Krispy Kreme’s giveaway on Election Day will have you swearing that voting is as American as Mom, baseball and Apple Pie Spiced Doughnuts.  Show up at participating locations with your “I Voted” sticker (seriously – no sticker, no treat) and you’ll get a star-shaped doughnut with ‘patriotic’ red, white and blue sprinkles.  Thankfully, with only one location inside the District (at Dupont Circle), there’s only so much damage they can do to your waistline.

Ben & Jerry’sWith flavors like Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream and ONE Cheesecake Brownie, it should come as no surprise that Ben & Jerry’s is out to promote civic engagement.  If you missed Free Cone Day, or if you’re just in the mood for some Half-Baked, stop in to a participating location between 5 and 8 PM on Election Day for a free scoop.  No need to prove you voted, just come in out of the cold and enjoy some ice cream!  A word to the wise, though: make sure your local franchisee is participating.  For example, the Eastern Market location has been known to opt out of previous national promotions.

California TortillaSlap that sticker back on!  As we speak, California Tortilla’s ‘darn spunky’ cashiers are being trained to spot them tomorrow and to issue a coupon for a free taco to everyone of voting age who wears an “I Voted” sticker while ordering.  Smart thinking – in case you’ve filled up on free donuts, coffee and ice cream, you’ll be able to pocket the free taco and save it for your next visit.

Johnny’s Half ShellWhen you’ve wrung every last freebie out of your sticker, make your way to Johnny’s Half Shell and “Drink the Bipartisan Kool-Aid” with Johnny and his crew.  Trade in your “I Voted” sticker for a Southern Strategy, a drink that has been described as a margarita made with Bourbon and orange instead of tequila.

Have fun!  And if you find any Election Day specials on gym memberships to go with all these indulgences, please send them our way!