It is a glorious Saturday and we’re spending as much time outside as possible. Hopefully without an intervention from the DC fire deparment like last weekend… Here are some foodie news and stories to warm up your morning:yes-we-carve3

In case you haven’t heard, Taylor Gourmet is now open for business on H St. NE.

Dunkin Donuts is twittering.

Still celebrating Obama’s victory? Join the party this weekend. Before you go, check out the President-Elect Obama’s favorite snack foods.

Get buff with Pepsi’s new muscle milk

If you’re planning to check out some VA country fall foliage this weekend, swing by Three Fox Vineyard on Saturday night. They are staying open an extra hour and making s’mores to celebrate the close of their harvest season. You can even toast your marshmallow on one of the spears from the vines.

Rocklands will be selling smoked turkeys for Thanksgiving this year. Personally, we prefer to do the smoking ourselves.

Cupcake challenges, Virgina vineyards for sale, and Darth Vader toast after the jump!

Have you always wanted to own your own vineyard in Virginia? Here’s your big chance! Before signing on the dotted line, you may want to check out this story on how Napa wine growers are responding to climate change.

Granville Moore’s is trying on brunch this Sunday.

The Washington Post finally finished their cupcake challenge. The big winner? Georgetown Cupcake. Hmm, sounds familiar.  

In a sure sign of the oncoming apocalypse, Olive Garden has been named a “best value” restaurant by a recent consumer survey. Red Lobster responds with a marketing campaign touting wood fire grills, which is interesting since my friend in high school who worked there said everything went through a microwave.

Quinoa [KEEN-wah] is a great grain alternative and one of our favorite take aways from last year’s trip to Peru.

Have you ever been eating breakfast and been all “this toast is good but do you know what would really send my breakfast over the edge? Darth Vader.” These guys have totally been there.

Food and international development come together with this Ecuadorian chocolate co-op.

Five bloggers have been invited to join the Kraft Casserole Velveeta challenge, making a dish for under $10 that can serve four with leftovers the following day. The secret ingredient? Fake cheese. If you need to warm up on the cheap, we suggest you try this split pea soup with rosemary from Culinary Couture.

Take a look at the Chicago Tribune’s favorite food porn.  

 We loved this retrospective of favorite TV kitchens, but there seems to be a generation gap. I mean really, nothing from the 90s?  

Organic lunches at Whole Foods are taking a dive but Sara Lee sales are on the up and up.