Some food stories and news to brighten up this gloomy, grey weekend…

Check out this adorable video from the UK’s Thornton’s chocolate. This surprising video from Cadbury’s is the most awarded advertisement of 2008.

Ugly European vegetables got a self-esteem boost this week when the EU changed their ban on imperfect looking vegetables. 

Wondering what wine to pair with your Thanksgiving feast? Uncorked is next Thursday. Have a pre-Thanksgiving meal with various wines and donate your cash to a good cause.

In the mood for Pumpkin Pie yet? FoodieTots has a great recipe with fresh local ingredients. No canned pumpkin for her! 

Slashfood shared the top 5 weirdest Skittles videos. 

After the jump, meet the hottest chef in Peru, restaurant giveaways, find out which hard candy has a “musk” flavor option and Top Chef aplenty!

Meet Chef Gaston Acurio, one of the hottest chefs in Peru. 

With the economy shrinking, quick service restaurants are in an all out battle for your attention and dollars. Dunkin Donuts is kicking off their holiday promo. Tic Tac and Pizza Hut are offering free music downloads. Burger King is giving away 500 Wiis.

Starbucks is already losing this game. Their quarterly profit dropped 97% due to a decrease of in-store sales. Maybe the could hire one of these celebs with coffee for some in-store appearances?

Google is also hitting harder times. They’ve cut back the hours on their (free food) cafeteria and – horrors – cancelled afternoon tea! (podcast.)

The latest season of Top Chef premiered to record ratings last week. Do you have a favorite yet? Naturally we’re rooting for local girl Carla Hall. If you’re cheering for Team Rainbow, Bravo is banking on you. Team Rainbow shirts are already available for sale online. Plus, last season’s favorite and winner, Stephanie Izzard, recently shared an update on her new restaurant. 

The UN released a cookbook this week in celebration of… the potato.

Check out this fantastic river clean-up experiement featuring oysters. I just hope they don’t show up with a booth at Oyster Riot.

Did you know this is a Miss Garlic competition?  

The Food Network’s Allton Brown is set to shill for Welch’s.

Mmm… musk-flavored Lifesavers

Sam Adams Chocolate Bock is back for the holidays. Itty Bitty Boozey Betty, are you reading this?