We hope you’re enjoying a sunny December weekend.

If you’re out and about doing holiday shopping, stop by Maison du Vin’s champagne and caviar tasting to help plan your fancy pants holiday party. The tasting is today (Saturday) from 1 – 5, free of charge. ny-trip-038

DC bars are abuzz about the 5 am last call during the Inauguration.  Joe Englert, DC nightlife impressario, shared his thoughts on who would benefit and which of his DC bars would utilize the temporary extension on Frozen Tropics. 

Meanwhile, speculation continues about the new White House chef.

Did you celebrate the anniversary of the Bloody Mary this week? There is no time like the present. For our money, the best Bloody Mary in DC is at the Belga Cafe brunch (although word on the street is that Matchbox will give them a run for their money).   If you’re in New York, this Bloody Mary from The Spotted Pig comes with house-pickled vegetables. Win!

Pumpkin pancake recipes, a Thanksgiving-scented bus stop and The Big Lebowski after the jump!

If you’re in the mood to hiberate this morning, we’re dying to try this pumpkin pancake recipe from Seattlest.

Are we facing the end of the spicy tuna roll? 

Hey, is it just me or does this bus stop smell like stuffing?

Restauranteurs and publishers alike are suffering from the rough economy. Big shots publishers in New York are being asked to cut back on their power lunches

These scotch peanut chocolate truffles look all kinds of awesome.

Pepsi’s incredibly tasteless ad of a calorie committing suicide is generating all the controversy they hoped it would.

How the Big Lebowski created a white russian (or “caucasian” to you Lebowski fans) renaissance

Redwood restaurant in Bethesda fired its chef.

Z Burger is throwing its hat into the ring as best burger in DC.

Does your neighbor have obnoxious and tacky holiday traditions? KFC would like to hear about it

Diets heavy in fast food have been linked to alzheimer’s.