Welcome to the final Odds and Ends of 2008! Let’s get started…

Are you traveling this week? Touch screens in the JFK JetBlue terminal allow passengers to have food delivered to their gate: 
Actor Jeremy Piven has left Broadway play Speed-the-Plow due to high levels of mercury in his diet. Is this actually possible? Or at least probable? Slate weighs in
Condom found in local Chuck E. Cheese maze deemed “not a safety hazard.” Maybe a judgment hazard – who takes  a condom to Chuck E. Cheese? 
David Boreanaz prefers blonde beers.

In their ongoing efforts to attract diners, restaurants market for kids, local and eco-friendly.

Not wasting any time, Chipotle has introduced sustainable (but still disposable!) cutlery. I wonder if they can also debut sustainable pants for me to wear after I eat one of the 8,000 calorie burritos? (Has anyone else noticed their newly relaunched website? Not only does it have trouble loading all the flash pages, the nutritional info seems awfully buried.)
Red Bull is creating a major snowboard arena in Manhattan to promote its snowboard competition.
Special K kicks off its 2009 diet marketing campaign just before midnight in Times Square on New Years Eve.
Breaking news: chicken broth is part of the gay agenda. Swansons (owned by Campbell’s) found itself fighting off controversy after placing an advertisement in gay magazine The Advocate featuring two lesbian moms and their son enjoying some soup. Conservative watchdog group American Family Association urged Campbell’s to “stop pushing the gay and lesbian agenda.” Because enjoying soup with children is totally anti-family. 
Chef Weidmaier, who brought DC Marcel’s and Brasserie Beck, is opening a new restaurant in Old Town, Alexandria in February called Brabo. (Not to be confused with Babbo). 

Danielle at Brightest Young Things tells us how to infuse vodka at home.  
Check out this creepy bacon item of the week:  

Iraqi intelligence spy ring in Maryland linked to an unnamed restaurant near the NSA. This is reminiscent of the Au Pied de Cochon Russian-spy-window-escape from 1985.