reims-grace-kelly Happy 2009! 

To ring in the new year properly, we asked some of our foodie friends and neighbors about their food resolutions for 2009. Here’s what they shared:

Gansie of Endless Simmer: “Check out all of the farmers’ markets in the city and buy things that scare me.”

Boozy Betty, boozehound and cupcake eating champ: “To plan meals at the beginning of the week and to cook in advance as much as possilbe.  Mostly the goal is to avoid dinners of popcorn and yogurt becuase I did not plan ahead.”

Casey Taylor Patten of Taylor Gourmet: “Eat less Italian meats and cheeses. Waist line is increasing!” 

La: “Find new ways to use sausage. Does that sound really bad or is it funny? if that’s too dirty sounding you can use this one:  stop treating frosting as a main course.)” 

Chef Spike of Good Stuff Eatery and Top Chef: “Make as many different shakes as I can this year!”

Lauren of Capital Cooking: “My firm is participating in a wellness program and we were all given exams to evaluate our heath.  Turns out my cholesterol is super high, so my resolution is to eat foods that get my cholesterol to a normal level.  Bye-bye butter.”

David, Bacon Terrorist: “Uh, my girlfriend says its to try more new vegetables.”

Leah Daniels, Hill’s Kitchen owner: “My foodie resolution for 2009 is to cook more. With opening the store, I have had very little time to cook and enjoy meals. So, my aim is to do it more often. The other night I made a sweet potato cheesecake (with sweet potato butter from LowCountry Produce, ginger from TSP spices, and vanilla extract from Baldwin’s Extracts) and a pumpkin bundt cake. I was up until 2:30 am tending to my baked goods and had such a great time doing it. I need to schedule more adventures playing with food for 2009!”

Jeremy, Kansas City BBQ Master: “I resolve not to use too much rub on my smoked meat, allowing the meat to speak for itself.”

Teddy Folkman, Granville Moore’s chef and Throwdown Champion: “To expand my comfort zone of cooking and try my hand at Mexican and Italian. To eat out more. To perfectly boil an egg. No gray, a bright yellow yolk and barely cooked but not soft boiled. You’d think after 14 years…”

RJS , active duty Army buddy in Iraq who, true to form, sent us resolutions in bullet point format:
“FR #1:  Figure out a non-stupid way to incorporate food into my love-making.
FR #2:  Dine at Grant Achatz’s Alinea in Chicago and score a reservation in October for El Bulli the following year.
FR #3:  Stop buying expensive dinners for women.  Go out “for drinks” instead.
FR #4:  Eat more fruits and vegetables.”

(No dinners for women but food with the love making? Ladies, the line for RJS’ number starts here!)

Clinton, GM of PX and Eammon’s Dublin Chipper:  “To eat more things with my hands and share my food whenever possible.  I think in both cases, it’s more fun and just tastes better.  Dining and drinking is a communal experience, and better enjoyed when with someone.  I feel that you can better play off of each other’s palates, experiences, tastes and perceptions.  While too many cooks spoil the soup, too many tasters only enhance the libation.”

Ryan Jensen of Peregrine Espresso: “Delving deeper into the world of food preservation—pickling, canning, freezing, etc.”

Jennifer Motruck Loy: “To try more new recipes at home, and eat more green, earth-friendly foods!”  

Allison McConnell of The Humble Gourmand: “Using farmers’ market obsession, move closer to eliminating processed
food from my diet.”

Lemmonex of Culinary Couture: “To conquer my fear of pie crust AND educate the world that there are other foods besides bacon.”

Justin Ulysses Guthrie, mixologist at Central and Hummingbird to Mars (RIP): “No more of Michel’s food. If I have one more burger or kit kat bar, I’m going to grow a beard, start speaking French and open a restaurant called C… get it.” 

Jen and Tim W., foodies of Fairfax: “Our resolution for 2009 is to give screw cap wines more of a chance and include more wine in general in our cooking. ”

Ben (aka Nizam Ali) of Ben’s Chilli Bowl and Ben’s Next Door: “Remember, it will taste better with a beer!” 

Portside of Spirit Heels :”Experiment with one new menu or food item per week.”

Alex Nicholson of Brightest Young Things: “This year I want to connect more with the food I eat. Keep buying local, but also start visiting more farms and producers.”

Amanda McClements, food writer and Metrocurean author: “Cook more fish. I love fish but I’m bored cooking it at home, so I’m resolving to find more exciting ways to prepare it. I think Asian recipes may be the key.”

Melissa McCart, food writer and Counter Intelligence author: “Culinary travel. I’d like to plan a few more US city trips than I took this past year and a trip abroad this summer, whether it’s a cooking week, a sampling of street foods or a grazing and sipping trip.”

Tim Carman of the Washington City Paper’s Young & Hungry column and blog gave the question some serious thought:  “I wake up every day trying to figure out how to be a better food writer, a better thinker, a better journalist, a better husband, a better friend, a better brother, etc. The minute successes and failures are what drive me forward to do it all again the next day. Even now, I have failed to answer your question, but I had a good time thinking through it.”

As for us:

Mike of Capital Spice: “To attempt to cook at least one high-end restaurant-quality meal each month.”

Elizabeth of Capital Spice: “To master homemade gnocchi.”

Do you have a foodie resolution? Share it in our comments!