food-network-starMaybe it’s wishful thinking, but we here at Capital Spice can’t help but think that Teddy Folkman, H Street’s own celebrity chef, is headed for a shot at becoming the Next Food Network Star.

On December 28th, the aptly-named Food Network Addict posted a blind item in which he revealed that one of the very recently chosen contestants on the upcoming fifth season of the Next Food Network Star has “previously been on Food Network.”

By itself, this post doesn’t exactly set off any alarm bells, we know.  But stick with us on this one.  More clues after the jump.

In addition to the blind item, we also know the following:

  • teddy1Teddy Folkman, executive chef at Granville Moore’s (as well as the forthcoming H Street Country Club and a number of other concepts along H Street), has previously appeared on the Food Network.  He successfully threw down against Bobby Flay with his Moules Fromage Bleu in an episode of Throwdown that aired back in July.
  • Teddy was one of a handful of individuals interviewed by On Tap magazine at the DC open casting session back in early October.  At the end of the article, On Tap revealed that he was invited in for a second-round interview…the only one of the applicants they featured to get a call-back.
  • Teddy’s personality, as seen in the application video that got him selected for Throwdown in the first place, is perfect for food television.  He’s engaging and easygoing, with an infectious sense of humor.  Don’t believe us?  Go watch for yourself on YouTube.  Oh, wait…you can’t.  The video has been taken down.  Okay, so this one is a bit of a reach, but still.

Put all of this together, and we’d say there’s a pretty good chance that the folks at the Food Network picked up on Teddy’s potential during the Throwdown and decided to give him a chance to become the Next Food Network Star.   

If so, he’ll be joining the rapidly growing crop of DC chefs who are getting national exposure on TV: CakeLove’s Warren Brown, who hosted Sugar Rush on the Food Network; newly-named Ben’s Next Door chef and Hell’s Kitchen winner Rock Harper; Top Cheftestants Carla Hall and Spike Mendelsohn.

Taping should be starting soon, so we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for Teddy on H Street in the coming weeks…