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Wow, times are tough. The Brits are now eating squirrel. Hey Commonwealth, are you reading this? Actually, I don’t Photo courtesy of lifeinthefastlane.cawant to follow the culinary trend of a nation that brought us dishes called “bubble and squeak.”

Check out this Inauguration surival guide to dining.  Meanwhile, Ben & Jerry’s debuts a “Yes, Pecan” flavor to honor Obama. Mike, ever the politician, is convinced this move will iinflame the population who pronounces it “Pe-KAHN” rather than “pee-CAN.”

There is a cute foodie movie on the horizon: Ramen Girl

So you know when a food or drink has “color added” or “artificial colors” on the ingredients label? Apparently that broad statement can include bug extracts. For realsies. The FDA just passed a new ruling that food and cosmetics must list “bug based colorings” to aid those with allergic reactions, those who keep Kosher or are strict vegetarians. Or those who, you know, don’t like eating bugs.

After the jump: 100 Southern foods to try before you die and best dishes of 2008.
Garden and Gun magazine’s 100 Southern Foods You Must Try Before You Die is less a food list and more a guide to a great road trip.

Rock Harper is officially heading up Ben’s Next Door. 

Coca-Cola goes green with wind-powered billboards.

Check out DCist’s list of best dishes of 2008.

Domino’s pizza is taking on Subway with oven toasted sandwiches.  I gotta say, for my money, Subway wins. Places like Quizno’s and (I suspect) Domino’s may have nice warm sandwiches but nothing about them ever strikes me as a healthy quick service option, which is almost always what I’m looking for when I end up at a Subway. 

DC bars get a shout out from Imbibe magazine.

Melissa of Counter Intelligence wrote  great piece in the Post on shopping the Asian megamarkets in the ‘burbs.

Yum Brands, owner of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell (and major sponsor of the Kentucky Derby) is offering an online fitness program promoting physical activity. I hope this includes how much activity it takes to burn off the calories included in the average consumer purchase at any of these restaurants.