So who are we trying to kid? We all have the best intentions when midnight rolls around and merry dreams of how fantastic we’re going to look on this date next year because THIS year is the year we really get it together. And hey, that’s awesome. We believe it every year, too. But sometimes you just need to let loose. Everything in moderation, including moderation, right? So if you feel yourself about to slide off the wagon, you may as well do it right. Here are three suggestions from a pair who have fallen off several wagons. We’ve got your cravings covered – meats, pasta and chocolate. Read on!

Fogo de Chao
All-you-can eat usually translates to mediocre quality food but that’s not the case with Fogo de Chao. This traditional Brazilian churrascaria (which is apparently Portugese for “gorge yourself from meat on a stick”) is located in downtown DC. The carne keeps on coming as long as your two-sided disk is flipped to the green side. The term steakhouse is a bit of a misnomer here. This is more of an upscale free-for-all than you’d find at a Ruth’s Chris. There is plenty of steak but you’ll also find pork, chicken, lamb and other red-blooded assortments mixed in alongside multiple sirloin offerings. The drinks are strong and wine is plentiful. Be warned: It’s a fine line from gluttony to phyiscal illness. If you aren’t careful your new resolution might be “Avoid the meat sweats.”

Fogo de Chao
1101 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20004
Fogo de Chao on Urbanspoon

The next two resolution busters are after the jump!

If carbs are your weakness, Filomena is your crack den. This Georgetown institution is a house of excess , from the enormous portion sizes to the over-the-top decorations for every single holiday. Filomena serves up Italian fare like roast chicken and veal scallopine but the pasta is the scene stealer as far as we’re concerned. Not only is it made in-house, you can actually watch the “pasta mamas” in their tiny workroom delicately pinch gnocchi and flour surfaces to roll out dough. I imagine this is what Santa’s workshop would have looked like if he were from Tuscany instead of the North Pole.  Even if you can’t manage to save room for dessert or coffee, be sure to enjoy their closing tradition: bottomless decanters of both amaretto and sambuca, served gratis with three coffee beans signifying health, wealth, and happiness.

1063 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC 20007
Filomena Ristorante on Urbanspoon 

ACKC – Artfully Chocolate | Kingsbury Confections
Grown out of what was once Kingsbury Chocolates in Old Town, ACKC is a chocolate cafe with locations in Del Ray and Logan Circle. Although they are open year round, this is the perfect time of year to visit. ACKC’s specialty is amazingly decadent, unique hot chocolate drinks. The drinks are named after classic stars featuring accents such as shots of lavender (the Liz Taylor), cardamom (the Lana Turner) or the very intriguing ground ginger and dried wasabi (the Ginger Rogers). ACKC applies this same artistry to their significant list of truffles, chocolate bars, caramels… oh God I have to stop now. It’s late, the store is closed and if I talk any more about this I’m going to go on a binge. Just do yourself a favor and check it out.

ACKC – Del Ray
2003 Mt Vernon Ave
Alexandria, VA 22301
ACKC on Urbanspoon

ACKS – Logan Circle
1529 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20005
ACKC on Urbanspoon