Welcome to a very chilly but very excited Capital Spice Weekend Odds & Ends. Let’s get this party started.

DC diners should be eagle-eyed in the coming Friday nights. The President-Elect Obama openly discussed his interest in continuing “date nights” with his wife on Fridays in local DC restaurants. They already celebrated Mrs. Obama’s birthday at Equinox.  (Her birthday is the 17th, the celebrated on January 15). 

Obama is also making the rounds with friendly dinners with conservative columnist George F. Will at the writer’s home in Chevy Chase.  

Cristeta Comerford remains White House chef. Meanwhile, Obama Foodorama has a great piece with former White House chef Scheib and ponders why the American public (and media) is so obsessed with what the Obamas eat.

Where to stalk celebs during the Inauguration.

The Going Out Gurus compiled a list of where to get breakfast before the Inauguration.

DCist got an early look at the Punch Club.

Get your foam finger ready because the USA is poised to topple Italy as the most wine consuming nation in the world.  

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Check out the Food Network’s Top 10 Food Trends for 2009.

There is a growing movement to support small, local fisheries in the same way “locavores” support small, local farms.

Wendy’s is scaling back on their breakfast offerings to do some product development on better quality offerings.   

This week, our food heroine Lemmonex tries (gulp) vita herring in real sour cream for our reading entertainment. Which we call: nasty fish in a jar.

Check out this creepy pasta mosaic of Rachel Ray.

How do you like Toby Young, Top Chef’s new supersnide judge? Check out Endless Simmer’s Insult Tracker to keep tabs on his dream crushing.  

Georgetown Metropolitan asks, is it rude to bring a Pizzeria Paradiso pizza on the bus

Jose Andres is all over the place lately, promoting his new cookbook Made in Spain and new restaurant The Bazaar in Beverly Hills, CA. 

DC blog the 42 Bus highlights a new Pho restaurant coming to Columbia Heights. Mmm. Pho.

Would you ever share your pantry? 

Small town in Maine to open a topless coffee bar.