Is everyone else as exhausted as we are? The Inauguration was a thrill (and also a personal disappointment for Mike and I and the thousands of other ticket holders who fell victim to poor event planning) and gave us a great opportunity to spy on celebrities wining and dining…

Eagle-eyed readers share they spotted Angela Bassett and Samuel L. Jackson partying at private Georgetown lounge L2Cafe Milano was a veritable who’s-who of 90s hit makers with Cher, Babyface and J.Lo (what, the Spin Doctors had better plans?).  The Post reports that Beyonce, Diddy and Jay-Z dined at Acadiana; Courtney Cox and David Arquette were at DC Coast; and Dustin Hoffman chowed down at Clyde’s in Georgetown. DC City Paper’s Tim Carman reports Christopher Lloyd (Great scott!!) and Kevin Eubanks dining separately at Central while Alicia Keys and Ray Romano enjoyed dishes at Sonoma. I hope they took our advice and got a charcuterie plate.

Tom Sietsema lists his suggestions for the restaurant-loving Obama family including Marvin, CityZen, and Obelisk.   

Did you enjoy Bourdain’s No Reservations visit to DC? Check out this bonus clip of him dining at Eamonn’s Dublin Chipper.  

How green is your OJ? Turns out the biggest share of its carbon footprint isn’t from shipping the oranges but the nitrogen fertilizer used to grow them.

The New York Times has a great piece on rescuing recipes after Hurricane Katrina. It also mentions a Creole family cookbook with my new favorite book title of all time, “Who’s Your Mama, Are You Catholic and Can You Cook a Roux?” 

Kraft is bringing scientists into its food product development in the search of “functional foods.”  Sometimes consumer packaged goods really scare me. 

More food news after the jump, including the peanut butter investigation, a Heineken commercial, and new Petworth coffee house…

The CDC  expanded the list of peanut-butter foods to avoid while investigating the salmonella outbreak.  

Stella Artois debuted an independent film project (sounds similar to Project Greenlight) hosted by Kevin Spacey. 

Starbucks’ volunteer program received a blessing from Oprah, from DC’s very own DuPont Starbucks. Ali “HAVE I MENTIONED I’M MARRIED TO GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS?” Wentworth was also on hand to praise the program.

Five Guys expands to Michigan.

Despite the language barrier, this Heineken commercial is making waves. I thought it was kind of dumb but it made Mike laugh out loud, so decide for yourself.

Petworth is getting a new coffee shop called Fresh off the Roast. 

DCist has a killer recipe for salted caramel pots de crème.

Don’t we all wonder about the best fried chicken in Milwaukee?