Super Bowl edition! Da da da DAH! Mike is currently running around buying various meat products for Fat Sundaythe Super Bowl party and there is a giant turducken in my refrigerator. No, we didn’t have any weight loss resolutions. super-bowlWhy do you ask?  

Is your Super Bowl menu ready? Here are 10 tips for Super Bowl snacks on the cheap.

Are you aware we are living in a chicken wing crisis?    

 Check out the Super Bowl snacks gone wild at So Good

Young & Hungry developed a handy round up of Super Bowl party recipes. 

…. local food news, Top Chef, and what the Big Brands are doing after the jump.

Metrocurean has the scoopon new Italian restaurants in DC’s future.

Baskin Robbins opens in Shanghai.

In a bit of a marketing head scratcher, KFC’s new ads focus on freshness.  Can someone please explain to me what is fresh about the KFC Famous Bowl? 

Meanwhile, Chick-Fil-A reports record sales from last year, marking an unbroken record of growth for the Atlanta-based chain.  They also report a plan to add 76 new stores in 2009. My fingers are crossed that at least one of them will be in the DC metro area. 

The Virginia Wine Showcase is February 7 – 8. 

Just don’t call it Maxibar… Minibar is threateningto go bigger, expanding from 6 seats to 24 according to The City Paper’s Tim Carman. We’ve heard this talk for at least a year and no changes yet. Personally, the intimate setting of Minibar, with one chef per 3 people , is one of the draws. As is the “oh my God we are HERE!” cache of actually scoring a reservation. Still, we’re pretty much Minibar’s bitches big fans so whatever they do, we’ll be in line to try it out.  

Kellogg is testing a space saving box. Personally, I wish they’d put more R&D money into finding corn syrup alternatives for “healthy” cereal.  

MV Triangle keeps tabs on Buddha Bar’s progress on Mass Ave.

Houndstooth Gourmet’s chicken curry looks like it could warm up the arctic.

Local NBC stations launch “Golden Locals” awards for best restaurants.

In Top Chef news, Mike got to watch the most recent episode at Good Stuff with Spike and Carla. (Oh, where was I? Trapped in freaking Harrisonburg, VA due to the ice storm. SUCK.) Endless Simmer did a great exit interview from contestant and resident pretty boy Jeff. According to a Defamer article, Jeff felt the producers used him as a sex object. I don’t know about that but I did enjoy the twinkle sound they added for his piece in the opening credits.