sisters_tinyWith the opening of the combination Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli / Sisters Pizza & Mussels this week, ATF headquarters may very well secure the title of Best On-Site Dining Options for a federal office building in the District.  The sandwich shop and pizza place join an already-open Five Guys and a Pound Coffee, giving the folks at Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms easy access to Burgers Pizza and Coffee at lunchtime.

If you haven’t seen the changes around the New York Avenue Metro stop lately (and I’m pretty sure most of you haven’t…it’s not that heavily trafficked), you’d barely recognize the place.  Look beyond the construction – the site of a new Courtyard by Marriott – and you find yourself face to face with the most traditional office-building facade of the new ATF headquarters.  A quick walk along 2nd Street toward Florida Avenue takes you past the new establishments, then Pound, and finally Five Guys on the corner.

I couldn’t help but be amused by the signs identifying this as government property and prohibiting smoking within 50 feet of the building…despite this being the home of the folks who regulate tobacco.

Perhaps the most important news for those of us in the neighborhood, Heidi’s and Sisters also deliver!

A look at their menus – and the details on delivery – after the jump.

atfAs discussed on FrozenTropics when word of the restaurants first came out, Heidi’s and Sisters are both Denver-based quick-service chains.  Both were started by Steve Naples, a New Jersey native who is gradually expanding his concepts cross-country.

Heidi’s, the older of the two chains, is primarily a deli with a focus on hot and cold sandwiches – though they do have a few breakfast selections on offer when they open their doors at 6:30 AM.  At lunchtime they offer basics, like roast beef, turkey and pastrami, but they also go a bit more creative with offerings like lox (smoked salmon) and the Hell’s Kitchen – egg salad, bacon, swiss, cajun sauce and avocado.  For those looking to limit their carbs, Heidi’s also provides a range of soups, salads and wraps.  Seven fruit smoothies and a selection of “made daily” desserts round out the lunch menu.

Sisters’ is a throwback to the founder’s Jersey roots.  Having grown up ‘down the Shore,’ I can attest to the frequent appearance of mussels on the menu at classic pizza joints throughout the Garden State.  I’m not sure why…but it’s true.  Looking over the menu for Sisters felt like a trip down memory lane.  But don’t expect this to play out like a Paradiso/Granville Moore’s hybrid.  The pizza here should be relatively thin, with a heavy layer of cheese and a tangy tomato sauce that borders on marinara (unless you’re opting for their white or seafood pizzas, of course).  The mussels come in marinara, fra diavolo, and white wine sauces (with and without cream).  Additionally, you can find steamed clams, pasta, and salads…including a frutti di mare seafood salad that sounds really tempting.

These may not compete with Adour and Bourbon Steak – and they’re far more likely to show up on Washingtonian’s Cheap Eats list than on their Top 100 – but they make excellent additions to the development in the NOMA neighborhood.  Like Five Guys, they’re planning to stay open until 10 PM daily, and they offer delivery on minimum orders of $15.  With sandwiches and salads that run between $5 and $10 and pizzas and mussels in the $9 to $20 range, that shouldn’t be too difficult.

Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli / Sisters Pizza & Mussels
1300 2nd Street, NE – Store A (in the ATF building)
(202) 682-3355 = Heidi’s
(202) 289-1111 = Sisters
Delivery Available ($15 minimum)
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