Welcome to a gorgeous weekend! Here are a few bacon haikus to start you off right. 

According to USA TODAY’s Ad Meter the Doritos Ad featuring a crystal ball crashing into a vending machine was the audience favorite. The ad by the way, was created by two guys from Indiana, not a slickster agency in New York. Take that, Don Draper.

An estimated 2 million diners took up Denny’s on their Grand Slam breakfast giveaway, which was advertised during the Super Bowl. 

… In the meantime, the SOBE 3-D ad was generally considered a bust

According to the Times, chefs in high-end Manhattan restaurants are going out of their way to attract diners. Young & Hungry says the DC restaurant economy is doing just fine, thank you very much. We tend to agree. 

PQ Living spotted a new restaurant coming soon to Penn Quarter.  

Sell out alert! Sex Pistols Johnny Rotten is now shilling for butter

The Anchor Bar in New York names cocktails after celebrities. And yes, I would very much like to try a Murricane, a bourbon and basil drink named for Bill Murray.

The restaurant and bar smoking ban hits Virginia.  

DCist has a first look at H Street Country Club (read: putt putt with beer!). 

Three Olives vodka company wants to see your O face. I assume they mean, “Oh, you can make vodka out of Kool-Aid flavors?”  

DC Foodies hits the ‘burbs to review the Falls Church Farmers Market.  

Wall Street guys keep McDonald’s busy.  

New Columbia Heights reviews Coco Libre, a coffeehouse that just set up shop in the neighborhood.  

The world’s best prosciutto? According to the New York Times it’s from Iowa

…. Which is just as well considering the new tariff going up March 22nd on imported meats and cheeses, increasing their prices to American consumers by up to 300%.  Head over to Cheesetique now and stock up.

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Washingtonian’s After Hours blog has the dish on Valentine’s Day pre-fixe menus.  

Staying in? Papa John’s is offering a heart-shaped pizza for Valentine’s Day. 

Rachel Ray is hosting a party at South by Southwest (SXSW). 

Dishtrict is torn between keeping locavore-kosher and bananas.  (SPOILER ALERT…. Bananas win).

New labels allow consumers to pinpoint the farm where their produce was grown. 

A London restaurant tore up its price list and is asking diners to pay what they thought their meal was worth. The owner said he did the same thing in 1985 with great results. This may work in the land of manners but I’m not sure it would go over in do-you-know-who-I-work-for?-DC.

Pret a Manger, UK lunch chain and staple of Manhattan business district, is coming to DC

The WSJ reviews beers in Cologne, Germany. Best. Job. Ever.

Danielle at Brightest Young Things experiments with kirschwasser.

Ever wondered how to cure your own bacon? Check out the Culinary Institute of America’s recipe. 

Apparently, dolphins are good chefs too.

Granville Moore’s is offering brunch this Sunday. Doors open at 11. Show up early – these brunches are popular! We recommend the bison hash.

Most consumers aren’t concerned about the salmonella/peanut butter scare.

Endless Simmer wonders which food and cooking magazines may have to close up shop. 

Dunkin Donuts is set to premiere a waffle breakfast sandwich next month. The sandwich feature bacon and scrambled eggs between two maple syrup-infused waffles. Good news: The sandwich debuts on March 17, so you can lay down a solid St. Patrick’s Day base before hitting the green beer.

Possible confirmation that the cupcake has jumped the shark: Cold Stone Creamery is now offering ice cream cupcakes.

1789 and Michael Landrum got a shout out on NPR this week for recession survival tactics.

Kellogg cut its endorsement deal with Phelps over the marijuana incident. Funyuns, I think this is your big chance to sign him.

Huzzah! Siestsema reviews a restaurant in DC and another that’s at least metro accessible.