Happy Valentine’s Day! We have something for everyone here, regardless of your V-Day philosophy. img_3183

Slate examines America’s love affair with peanut butter. 

Michelle Obama, First Lady and Vogue cover girl, is steadily climbing to the top of my Wannabe-BFF list (look out Tina Fey!) after being spotted having lunch with staffers at Five Guys. Dear Mrs. Obama, let’s get milkshakes and talk about careers, clothes and how you keep those upper arms so darned toned. 

Cooking at home for Valentine’s Day? Check out what DCFoodie owner Jason prepared for his wife last year. Jason offers recipes, wine pairings and a post-mortem on the dishes (although we suspect his 3 month old baby may be the best testament to how well the meal turned out).

Lemmonex is a big advocate for a nice meal at home, too.

Make sure your Valentine’s Day guest is feeling the love with chocolate chip cookies with candied bacon  or soft chocolate cookies with grapefruit and star anise.

An industry report indicated that consumer interest in cooking and eating ethnic foods will continue to grow while organic foods may suffer as consumers become less inclined to pay more for the produce.   

Why make chocolate a dessert-only option? Here are other ideas on how to incorporate it into the star attraction

Any interest in wooing your sweetheart with a “foolproof” soufflé

The NCAA has no love for sponsor Vitaminwater. Players who drink certain flavors may test positive for banned substances as a result.

Counter Intelligence falls in love with a white pinot noir.

Whole Foods is tapping into the Valentine’s Day market with a “whole trade guarantee,” pushing gift items with a whole trade approved sticker “to promote its ongoing commitment to sourcing socially responsible products.’  

California Tortilla is sharing the love with laid off workers. Bring in your termination papers and get a free burrito.  

Not in the mood for love? Head over to Gazuza on the 14th for an anti-Valentine’s Day party.  

Hey culinary travelers! Is fermented shark fin in your future? The economic collapse of Iceland’s economy means a more affordable (and romantic?) dining experience for you. 

Brunch DC fires back at a City Paper reporter’s dislike of his/her favorite meal.  Mostly I’m amused Brunch DC had the guts to put the word shower in quotes, indicating it is some mythical behavior like “unicorn hunting” and “free lunch.”

Local updates and food brand news after the jump.

Tim Horton’s (a Dunkin Donuts-style shop home-based in Canada) and Cold Stone Creamery are set to open co-branded stores in the US. 

Falafels are coming to Penn Quarter. 

Starbucks hopes its discount combo deals will help pull the chain out of the slump. 

Just when your mom thought it was safe to go out at night… a cab crashes into Solly’s on U St.  Apparently no one was seriously injured and the owner is enjoying some almost-gallows humor.

McDonald’s is taking on a sponsorship of Fashion Week in an effort to garner attention from tabloid reading fashionistas for their McCafe products. I’m sure Anna Wintour is thrilled.

DCist gives us the run down on great beer drinking opportunities

Eric Ripert, Top Chef guest judge, legendary chef and connnoisseur of the steely gaze has signed up for his own cooking show on PBS. 

How to keep locavore in the dead of winter. 

From The Onion, Dad Tests the Limits of Cheesecake Factory Vibrating Pager (this faux story is a lot less smutty than I expected). 

Hold on to this for trivia night: German chocolate cake actually originated in the American south

Bong-gate be damned, Subway shared plans to keep Phelps in their marketing.

Make your own spiced rum.

In a world of declining magazine circulations, food and cooking magazines continue to grow.   

Carl’s Jr. is testing an eco-friendly restaurant.

Does Columbia Heights have a coffee problem?