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U Street Girl takes a stab at making Ethiopian food at home.  
Check out this winter salad from the Bitten Word
This sweet onion and Roquefort tart looks so good I want to call in sick to work so I can make it for lunch. 
Skittles, which has never shied away from odd marketing, is adopting its Wikipedia page as its home page.  

Have you tried an Artini cocktail yet?  
The battle between food manufacturers and grocers continues to wage. Although the price of commodities used to make packaged food like ice cream and cereal has fallen, manufacturers are raising the wholesale prices to grocery stores which in turn means higher prices for consumers. 

Are casseroles making a comeback?  

New food safety regulations from China may not be enough
Jose Andres gets a write up in the Wall Street Journal. 
Attention book clubs: Ever tried to make a meal highlighted in classic literature?
If that isn’t historic enough for you, this article offers recipes on sponge cake from the 1700s and leg of lamb from the 1600s. 
Chicago chef Charlie Trotter pulls out of a Gold Coast restaurant four months before it opens.  
Soul food, a DC staple since the dawn of time, is growing in popularity in the Bay Area. 

New DC blog Gut Check highlights film’s best dining moments gone wrong
Snickers is launching a new campaign on the language of snacks or “Snacklish.” 
Food magazines that traditionally focused on high end dining are taking a renewed look at cooking at home with the cook’s budget in mind.  
Soul food: Could this Maryland priest be the next Emeril? 

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Cracker Barrel and Dolly Parton are teaming up to bring you Dolly Parton rocking chairs.  
Who doesn’t love dumplings? Recipes spanning cultural influences are available here.  
Have you voted in Endless Simmer’s Where Will Obama Eat Next contest?  

A Starbucks barista on U St accidentally shot himself in the leg while at work.  
The Pug has published their new menu, which mostly consist of excellent foods to soak up booze.  

Gordon Ramsey’s group may be facing financial difficulties. Maybe they can sell one of his Michelin stars on eBay?  
Retro cereal boxes will be appearing on the shelves at Target. 

What’s that smell? Stinky cheese popularity is on the rise. Time to head to Cheesetique.  
Good news! A glass of wine may help prevent esophageal cancer.  
March madness is coming to the publications. The Post has kicked off the beer bracket and after some early hiccups Washingtonian’s Burger Bracket is off and running. 

Secret dinners intrigue foodies across the nation.  

Can’t bear the thought of months without Top Chef? Take a Top Chef tour of New York.  
DC Foodies cooks up an apple cinnamon almond coffee cake. There’s four ingredients we love.
If the fruit and nuts aren’t your speed, check out attempts 1 and 2 of The Bitten Word’s coffee crunch bars
How good is Krispy Kreme? So Good has the screenshot of one news broadcast who is apparently a big, BIG fan
Have you noticed how packed DC restaurants are these days? Counter Intelligence weighs in on the reasons.  
A day in the life of DC restaurateurs.  

How did McDonald’s end up on Health magazine’s Healthiest Fast Food list?  

DC chef Ris Lacoste gets a home kitchen visit from the Washington Post. 
MV Triangle investigates the potential home of Ledo Pizza on Mass Ave. The verdict? They won’t be delivering to your door any time soon.  
DC City Blog offers up a list of favorite cheap eats.   
FastCasual magazine has some interesting insight on how to make comfort food more regionally based and unique. It makes perfect sense – not everyone’s mother used chicken soup to comfort a sick child.  
Military chefs strut their stuff in the U.S. Army Culinary Arts Competition.