peeps-showThe Post’s Peeps Diorama contest is back! Hurry up and get your superglue and tiny decorations ready – photo submissions are due by midnight Sunday! 
DCist shares its favorite breakfast spots and gives a shout out to the best mac n’ cheese in town

Sean Combs debates the merits of Popeye’s vs KFC. I vote Popeye’s. Not only is the spicy crispy chicken better, their sides kick ass. Oh man. I could really tear up a red beans and rice cup right about now.  
The Bitten Word gets fancy with seared duck and risotto.  
Pizza Hut is no longer a pizza delivery chain. It is a “home meal replacement solution.” Too much marketing makes the baby Jesus cry.  
Some of the top-rated BBQ restaurants in Kansas City, the BBQ capital of America, share their tips.  
London Telegraph tips on finding the whisky that is right for you.  
Another report, this time from the WSJ, that Korean food is the next trendy food.  Bring on the bulgogi!
A big Chicago law firm has laid off 60 employees. But worse, they’ve cut off the free coffee! I’m amazed there isn’t rioting.  
What do you think of the Quaker Oats “Go Humans Go” campaign?  
The temperatures aren’t the only thing heating up: Ben & Jerry’s is criticizing competitor Haagen-Daz on shrinking its pint from 16 to 14oz.  
The Best Wine Blog Awards have been named by the people who name these things. 
Even British pubs are feeling the economic pinch. Many of these cultural touchstones are revamping to provide new services.  
A New England group works to raise awareness of heirloom vegetables.  
The International Cookbook Award finalists have been announced.  
Is the White House starving dinner guests? Doubtful.  
Beer might not be recession proof after all.  Does this mean I can get a freaking seat at Granville Moore’s again?
Shanty dives in Key West.  
Hotel Chatter has a sneak peak at Cha restaurant, Todd English’s latest effort in the District.  
The Tastings Journal is collaborating with Yaku restaurant in Arlington for a prix fixe tasting menu with wine and pisco for only $45

McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish campaign has had more than 30,000 views on YouTube.  
A statue of Col. Sanders, ripped from the front of a KFC in Japan in a fit of baseball hysteria in the 80s, has been recovered.  
Check out this delicious looking recipe for oatmeal pancakes from Houndstooth Gourmet!

And finally: Love beer, but hate chasing hard-to-find brews all over town?  Join forces with other suds-seekers through Orr Shtuhl’s new BeerSpotter Twitter Feed.