Sorry for the late post… we were too busy frolicking in the cherry blossoms and hosting college friends and generally doing sun salutations to welcome spring and couldn’t be bothered to post this weekend. So, mea culpa and enjoy:

Sonoma chef Drew Trautmann left for greener pastures at Mendocino Grille & Wine Bar in Georgetown.

Trend alert – that Hungarian pig is so hot right now.  (Aaaah! Look at the curly fur on their ears! Is that a pig or spaniel after a bender?) 
The Washington Post is launching TastePost – a “gathering place for Washington area food and drink lovers” which you can gain entry to with an annual $20 subscription. Anyone thinking of joining? We’d love to hear your reviews.  
Tips and recipes for cooking whole fish.
Celebrity dining spotter: Blake Lively and Penn Bagdley at The Waverly Inn
Recession recipe alert! Check out Endless Simmer’s super easy aloo jeera, made with inexpensive ingredients. 
Starbucks rolls out new ice cream flavors.

Prefer to keep your ice cream local? Check out Moorenko’s in McLean. Gut Check has the scoop.  
Culinary Couture offers her own shrimp and grits recipe and it looks delicious!   
Bet you didn’t see this coming: The Black Cat gets a shout out in Gourmet magazine for their food.

Pepsi will use less plastic in new Aquafina bottles. 
FoodieTots shares her views on hormone-laced dairy
Tom Sietsema shares his dining snapshots from NYC.
Seedlings are beginning to sprout at local farms! 
So how do you cook in outer space, anyway? 
Grape Nuts is trying to go manly.  
Ever wondered how serious that egg expiration date is? Endless Simmer gets the scoop.

KFC is launching a unique promotion. They are offering to fill potholes in local neighborhoods, referring to the filled in potholes as “refreshed by KFC.” 
Policy, a new U St restaurant, opened.  
Cupcake fever is hitting DC kitchens. Check out Pete Bakes’ chocolate cupcakes with banana cream cheese frosting  and My Husband Cooks’ take on chocolate cupcakes with coconut cream cheese frosting
For a healthier dessert option (rain be damned, beach season is nearly here) check out cherry compote over chevre from Houndstooth Gourmet. 
An ode to sausage.