Celebrity dining alert: The DC Traveler spotted Dancing with the Stars (and Seinfeld) star John O’Hurley enjoyed a meal at Old Ebbitt Grill after his performance in Chicago.

Cross your legs and call the IRS! Murky Coffee owner, tax evader, and customer junk puncher (okay, he threatened to) Nick Cho is starting a new coffee house on H St NW. Young and Hungry has the scoop.   

Have you see the Peeps contest for scenes from The Office?

Vegetable gardening is taking off in America. Sales of seed starter kits are on the rise.  

The make out sessions between Top Chef contestants Leah Cohen and Hosea Rosenburg, according to Page Six
Is your kitchen ready for spring? Check out braised lamb shanks with spring vegetables from The Bitten Word
Servers from several area restaurants have been tied to a credit card scam. 
High end restaurants around the world are taking on the no-frills approach perfected by the gastropub. 
Some chefs are sharing their recipes on Twitter.  
Everything you ever wanted to know about Peruvian cuisine.  
Like alien ants in a sci fi film, Giant Cheetos have arrived.  

Do you like a little Madonna with your papusa? Check out karaoke at El Torogoz in Petworth. 
Slate wonders why America is obsessed with wine being healthy. Note to Slate: probably because we like wine. 

Things to Do DC is hosting a chocolate truffle making class.  

Josh Halloway (Sawyer from Lost) loves beer.  
The littlest foodies? Grocery stores are seeing growth in specialty baby foods.

Pretzel Boy’s may soon be available outside of Philly.  
The New England shrimp shoplifter is busted!

Chef Jaime Oliver prepared dinner for G20 participants that highlighted the best of British food traditions
Einstein Bros/Noah’s Bagles is introducing new low-cal items to their menu.  
Someone from Domino’s has had a rough week. The chain has given away 11,000 free pizzas to make good on a non-existent promotional offer. In a nutshell, the promo never got the go-ahead but the promotional page still existed. 
Crispy on the Outside gives goat meat a try.  
Met Blogs throws a few back at Sticky Rice.