Endless Simmer finds Italian food in a maze of Ethiopian spongy bread. 


Sales of high end dark chocolate continue to rise
Philadelphia Water Ice re-opens on H St NE.  
My Organic Market, which has 5 locations throughout the DC area,  is officially changing its name to MOM’s Organic Market.  
Mmmm… tater tots are available at Ray’s Hellburger.  
Bud’s Broiler, a New Orleans institution, should be reopening this month.  
San Franciscans rally around the Tonga Room. The Tonga Room is an uber cheesy Tikki bar in Nob Hill that is being threatened with demolishment for – of course – new condos. Condos are the bane of every bar’s existence.
Does DC have a Tonga Room? Something cheesy and over the top that we all love? The closest thing I can think of is German beer and polka hall Blob’s Park in Jessup, MD. But it seems to under the radar and far from the city to serve the same purpose.
MV Triangle keeps us updated on Buddha Bar’s progress
It’s the champagne of sausage! Hillshire Farm and Miller High Life are teaming up to launch a line of co-branded bratwurst
Adventures in Shaw details how to make homemade tortillas. 
125 of the healthiest packaged foods, according to MSN.  
Anyone going to the daytime bar crawl for DC’s unemployed? If any of your co-workers don’t show up for work on Friday, April 17 you’ll know where they are.

Speaking of N’awlins, Bayou Bakery is taking Murky Coffee’s old space in Arlington. Maybe I can finally try my first beignet.

Food marketers respond to consumers’ demands for simplicity
Behold! The dark and mysterious world of Belgian Lambic. 
With all the talk of how the economy is affecting consumer spending, which food items are actually seeing a surge in sales? Breads, coffee, frozen meals and spreads (like peanut butter), according to a recent study. 

Bravo is launching a Top Chef spin off called Top Chef Masters, featuring past winners and well-known chefs. Looks good to me.  
A parenting group has launched a letter writing campaign criticizing the new “highly sexualized” Burger King ads for $.99 cent SpongeBob kids meals.  
Kanye West is launching his own energy drink.

One man shares his experience working at Chuck E. Cheese as a teenager. This really makes my gig at Baskin Robbins look like a dream. 
DiGiorno is using Twitter to help launch its flatbread pizza line.   
Jews and gentiles alike are buying Kosher Coke.