It’s officially spring! Ramps are in the markets, asparagus is sprouting and crabs are available at Quarterdeck. Life is good. 

Young and Houngry scored a major scoop with the news that Citronelle may close up shop on M Street once Michel Richard moves his efforts to Tyson’s Corner.

The chef for Law and Order: Criminal Intent spills the beans on what life is like on set. 

Time to get to Sova for their new wine selection and cocktails from Derek Brown of Gibson!

Saveur restaurants select 12 “restaurants that matter.” Sadly, no DC eateries made the cut.

Daniel Boulud discusses make-at-home spring lamb.

WSJ gives us a peek into the shifting world of cocktail trends and gives a shout out to Todd Thrasher of PX and Restaurant Eve.  
Check out Metrocurean’s round up of eco chic kitchen materials. 
Kellogg is removing the note on boxes of Frosted Mini-Wheats that the cereal is “clinically shown to improve kids’ attentiveness by nearly 20%” as the FTC has ruled it false and in violation of federal law

An interesting article about how Hooters develops new menu items.  Oh and fun fact: They like to offer seafood items in the springtime for Lent. I’m not anti-Hooters prude but how many people who go to Hooters for food on Friday night during Lent are like “oh no, thanks. Passing on the red meat.” The article also gives us this gem: “Looking at consumer trends, you hear terms like ciabatta rolls and artisan breads. Yet some Hooters girls may not have heard of ciabatta bread. I will work with training to come up with easy quality identifiers they can relate to.” 
McDonald’s tests a $4 angus burger in select markets. 
Despite the recession, large food businesses continue to seek out sustainable practices.  

El Bulli in Spain is named the best restaurant in the world again.  Per Se and Alinea make the top 10.
A research report recommends retirement for four beer brands whose perceptions are so negative they aren’t considered worth salvaging: Ice House, Keystone, Busch, and Milwaukee’s Best. Oh what, so Natty Lite makes the cut?   
Brian Boitano is getting a show on the Food Network called What Would Brian Boitano Make?  really?
Cravings blog reviews three sparkling wines.  
The annual Grilled Cheese Invitational is this weekend in LA.