The latest Obama date night takes them to New York’s Blue Hill restaurant. 

In a single list, chef Anthony Bourdain secured my undying loyalty. He created a list of “13 Places You Must Eat Before You Die” including the usual suspects like French Laundry and El Bulli but, being so very Bourdainy, also tossed in some smaller mom and pop shops. Among them? Oklahoma Joe’s, my favorite, unassuming BBQ joint in my hometown of Kansas City. According to Bourdain: “It’s the best BBQ in Kansas City, which makes it the best BBQ in the world.” Amen, sir.

Miller-Coors pulled a line of commercials after an Italian-American group complained of ethnic stereotyping and threatened to bash the CEO’s kneecaps.
Look out Ben and Jerry, ice cream flavors across the country are going upscale.  This trend has already hit DC in a big way. Last summer one of our favorite dishes in DC was a homemade gazpacho with a single scoop of mustard ice cream at Poste in Penn Quarter. Plus you can get amazing flavor combinations of gelato and sorbet from Dolcezza – they frequently shop in the local farmers markets and make their flavors from ingredients found there. Last weekend Mike and I picked up a ricotta lemon cardamom gelato and a cucumber vodka sorbet. Delicious!
Arugula Files checks out Eatonville and loves the crabcakes!  
Is Tastee D-Lite poised for a comeback?

DCist reviews the Savor Craft Beer Festival. 
Krispy-Kreme is launching a new line of frozen drinks
Blogger Chez Pim shares her top 12 foodie experiences, ranging from softshell crabbing in Washington to a summer Bangkok specialty.  
There are a new crop of chef memoirs hitting the shelves this season. Russ Parsons of the LA Times shares his thoughts on them. 
Despite rumors to the contrary, Nathan’s in Georgetown is staying put on M Street. 
Like it or not, the cupcake trend isn’t fizzling any time soon.   
Williams-Sonoma is lowering prices as consumers go back to buying basics.

Starbucks is revamping their food menu and plans to remove corn syrup from bakery products. 
More buzz and background on the new speakeasy bar trend, including shout outs for bars in Chicago, LA and San Francisco for those of you looking to travel soon.  
A fava bean how-to from Alice Waters. 
Excited for Top Chef Masters? So is The Hold Steady.  (thanks to PopCandy for the link)