tiki mintSome of our endeavors during the June Cookbook Challenge have had the added benefit of giving us an excuse to use gadgets and serving implements that have been sitting around our apartment for years just waiting for their moments to shine.  The creme brulee torch is a great example; so are Elizabeth’s tiki glasses.

We found the Suffering Bastard in The Great Tiki Drink Book, a  terrific resource for all things tiki.  Though the name was originally attributed to a 19th-century misunderstanding in Shepheard’s Hotel in Cairo, it seemed all the more appropriate after watching last night’s episode of the Next Food Network Star.  And the fact that it doesn’t contain any rum made it a good choice for us as we sought out a recipe to make from the book.

Now we could have easily gone with one of the many tiki-related recipes for appetizers and other food items that are located at the back of the book, but we felt that it was important to share a drink recipe instead.  So we broke out the tiki glasses and – having remembered just how awesome these bad boys really are – immediately promised ourselves that we would have friends over for tiki drinks on the deck sometime very soon.

shakerTo make the Suffering Bastard, we combined 1 1/2 ounces gin (Tanqueray here), 1 ounce Bourbon (we went with Maker’s Mark, our favorite), 3 ounces of ginger ale and the juice of 1/2 lime in a cocktail shaker filled with ice.  Giving the contents five or six good, hard shakes, we poured the liquid into one of the fierce tiki glasses and then garnished it with a sprig of our Shenandoah Growers mint.

The drink was surprisingly refreshing, with the astringency of the gin balancing nicely with the round sweetness of the ginger ale.  The effervescence of the drink was also a pleasant surprise: instead of the big, heavy bubbles you usually get in soda, the Suffering Bastard had a lighter, fizzier feel to it.

Now to try some of these other recipes so we’ve got even more reasons to put our tiki glasses to use this year…