IMG_8235I have long lamented the lack of a really great French-style bakery in DC.  Luckily, we have no shortage of shops completely dedicated to sweet indulgences, which softens the blow somewhat.

After a failed attempt at pecan-bourbon pralines (more on that later today), I was in a pinch for a dessert to bring to our friend Aaron’s terminal Navy leave party in Adams Morgan. This was the perfect time to try out Sticky Fingers Bakery, a neighborhood favorite revered for  its all-vegan bakery, with gluten-free options. 

The space is very cute and unassuming… and very, very pink.  Shelves are stocked with additional vegan and vegetarian products including sandwiches, drinks, and vegan jerky and the menu includes sandwiches you can eat in a small dining room. There was only one person in line ahead of us when we arrived, but the guy behind the counter seemed a touch overwhelmed running around to fill his order. I got the feeling they were either understaffed or someone had stepped out momentarily.

The gluten-free cookie options were picked over by the time we arrived, so we loaded up on an assortment of cookies Sticky Fingers Displayfrom the bakery including chocolate chip, raisin oatmeal, lemon coconut and pecan cookies.  I made the fatal error of not trying one before we arrived, so I was a little nervous about bringing vegan cookies to a party. I mean, a vegan cookie? What is a cookie without egg and butter? Most guests were health-minded but I doubt anyone shows up to a party crossing their fingers for a sawdust-flavored dessert. Would they notice the difference? Would my party offering be silently scorned and politely ignored?

Not on your life! Turns out Sticky Fingers is beloved for a damn good reason. The large cookies were soft, flaky and full of flavor. The pecan cookies were warm and subtle, with a nice rich flavoring. The lemon coconut blew me away. It was a giant, delcious key lime pie in cookie form. Try as I might, I could not taste a single difference between these and a egg and butter laden cookie. I plan to try Sticky Fingers the next time I need a sweet fix.  I’ll forever be a carnivore, but if my store-bought desserts can have lower-cholesterol and taste just as great, why go back? 

IMG_8246Sticky Fingers Bakery
Columbia Heights
1370 Park Rd NW
Washington, DC 20010
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