There is a Bermuda triangle of the popped-collar set in Georgetown. Cycle through the following at key weekend IMG_8827moments and you’re bound start recognizing the same faces: Smith Point and the Daily Grill for Friday night drinks and debauchery, Paolo’s and Cafe Milano for Saturday night dinner, a trip up to Gin & Tonic or Townhall that night and Peacock Cafe for Sunday morning brunch.

When we were lucky enough to have Mike’s parents include a stopover in DC on their way home from a super glam trip to France, we knew we wanted to take them somewhere delicious. After a week dining in France, we couldn’t have their first meal back in their home country be a let down. Peacock Cafe is buzzed to have the best weekend brunch in DC and, I must admit, we weren’t disappointed.

Peacock Cafe put two early points on the board with me for their schedule: brunch (not breakfast, brunch) on a Saturday and availability starting at 9 am. Finally, a restaurant brunch schedule that works for a couple of nerdy early birds like us.  Plus, Peacock Cafe hosts a slew of sidewalk seating along Prospect. We were thrilled to lay claim to an outdoor table under one of the restaurants gleaming umbrellas, letting us watch Georgetown drive, walk, and Vespa past us as the city dragged itself out of sleep. 

IMG_8818The “juice bar” at the Cafe is one of its most discussed perks.  A juice bar means something else where I’m from, but I was able to get over my twelve-year old snickering long enough to give it a good look.  I’m glad I did. The array of fresh fruit and veggie smoothies was impressive, going beyond the standard options to include things like Mike’s Red Zinger – blending apple, carroits, ginger, and beets into a vividly healthy drink he couldn’t resist.  Meanwhile, MrsMikesMom and I were perfectly pleased with our fresh lemonades, mixing just the right amount of sweet and tart.

Moving onto solid foods, the brunch menu was an impressive list of options ranging from standard breakfast (egg white omelet) to lunch (the Gene Kelly veggie sandwich featuring grilled portobello mushroom, avocado, roasted red pepper,  and tomato) to hangover cures (nachos!).

MrMikesDad’s mind was made up the minute his eyes hit the menu: corned beef hash with poached eggs and a Hollandaise sauce.  Truth be told, the corned beef hash was one of the reasons Mike wanted to bring his parents to Peacock Cafe – it’s been a longtime favorite of his dad’s, despite his kids forever moaning about how gross it looks. The hash passed muster: I haven’t seen a grown man come so close to swooning since Mike and TheJer met a cop/comicbook store owner in Boston.  

More food reviews and photos after the jump.

Mike opted for the Peacock Eggs Benedict which offers a choice of black forest ham or smoked salmon drizzled with IMG_8820a golden hollandaise sauce and french fries on the side. The combination of smoked salmon and poached eggs is fantastic; rich, smoky, creamy and decadent. It’s a dish I hope to replicate in a homemade brunch in the near future.

MrsMikesMom scored a homerun with her dish as well. We oohed and ahhed over her french toast with strawberries sauteed in butter, brown sugar and a splash of balsalmic vinegar. The addition of balsalmic vinegar to the berries was an inspired choice, keeping what could have been an over-the-top sweet dish grounded with a whisper touch of sour. 

My dish was perhaps the least inspired but it’s no mark against the restaurant. I wanted to kick off the morning with a hearty dose of fruits and veggies so I opted for the gazpacho and side salad. I’m not a huge breakfast person so the option of lunchish dishes on a brunch menu are a major plus for me. The soup and salad were both delicious and fresh. Perhaps not the best I’ve ever had in DC but they completely hit the IMG_8822mark in the fresh and healthy category.

After brunch, we took Mike’s parents over to another Georgetown institution: Georgetown Cupcake, winner of the Capital Spice Cupcake Showdown.  While we love showing off favorite spots to friends and family, Mike and I are always thrilled to have dining companions like his parents who are up for something untested. Even if it is one of the most legendary brunches in DC. I vote next time we take them to Perry’s!

 Peacock Cafe
3251 Prospect St NW
Washington, DC 20007 
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