About-to-quit-New York Times food critic Frank Bruni shares this outstanding article on the lessons he learned about human nature during his time as a top-notch restaurant critic. Namely, everyone wants steak, everyone wants their dish to be the best at the table (well I’m sure I wouldn’t know anything about competitive ordering), and the world is divided between hoarders and sharers.
Are the world’s best peaches from an obscure section of China? Somebody get Snapple on the phone. 
Watermelon Bloody Marys from The Bitten Word. 
Here’s a shock: An obesity researcher shares her concerns with the proliferation of prepared foods
We’re hoping time speeds up to bring the new H St NE German Beer Haus to us even faster.

Crispy on the Outside finds a potentially lucrative way to combine a love of food and law.   
Pringles takes advantage of social media to push its sweepstake on 100 ways to eat your Pringles.  
DCist has the dirt on organic grocery stores in Columbia Heights and Petworth. 
Wondering where past season winners of Top Chef are working now? USA TODAY has a round up (get out your reading glasses – the print in this story is tiny!). 
10 mistakes diners make in restaurants.  
Imagine if Chef Maupillier quit his job at Central to become culinary director of DC Central Kitchen. Switch the DC locations for Bay Area spots, and that’s pretty much what this guy did.  
How to make homemade orange bitters.  

History’s greatest wine hoax.  
Check out the art in the garden culinary arts festival at the Bontanic Gardens today.  Don’t worry about the weather – the event is under a tent and rain or shine. 
A global shortage of hops has promoted many Canadian farmers to grow their own, resulting in a new set of microbrewers.