food-blogger-happy-hourThere’s an interesting paradox to blogging.

One of the things that attracts many of us to blogging in the first place is the fact that it allows us to share our opinions and experiences in relative anonymity.  But as soon as we find ourselves reading someone else’s blog with any regularity, we start to feel a connection with the author.  We share in their culinary triumphs, we commiserate when their souffle fails to rise.

Every time we share a tip here at Capital Spice, we know there are people out there reading it.  But who (or is the better question why)?

Enter Mary (aka Arugula Files) and Amelia (aka Gradually Greener).  A few weeks ago, they casually asked if other DC food and gardening bloggers would be interested in getting together for a happy hour.  We quickly responded in the affirmative, and several other writers did, too.  They set a date for this Wednesday, and the Food Blogger Happy Hour was born.  Join us beginning at 6 PM at Poste Brasserie – we’re willing the weather to be pleasant so we can enjoy their beautiful patio.

Admittedly, this isn’t the first get-together of its kind; Lemmonex and others have done general blogger meet-ups in the past, and there have even been previous food bloggers gatherings.  But this is the first time we’ve been able to participate, so we’re definitely looking forward to meeting everyone else who attends.

To the best of my knowledge, the current attendee list includes:

Mary of Arugula Files
Amelia of Gradually Greener
Jenna of Modern Domestic
Ed of The Slow Cook
Kenneth of The Indoor Garden(er)
Elyssa of State Dinner
Someone from the DC Bloggers Meetup
Matthew from the Internet Food Association
Katy of The Dirty Radish
Hillary of Belly Up to the Blog
Emily of We’re Out of Here DC
Martha of A Measured Memory
Jen of Beets and Bonbons
Olga of Mango & Tomato
SAS of Sassy Dining
Brooke of Mogulling

Will we see you there, too?

<<EDIT: 9/1/09 9:26 AM – First addition of the day! 

BelmontMedina of Mostly Cabbages

Let us know if you’re planning to attend so we can add you (and make sure we’ve got an accurate count!).

EDIT 2: 9/1/09 11:22 AM – Looks like Mer of Wicked Cranberry and Lisa of Dining in DC (and the DC Restaurant Examiner) will also be attending.

EDIT 3: 9/1/09 12:52 PM – Just heard from Melissa of Counter Intelligence that she’ll be there, too, and Stacey of Every Food Fits let Mary know that she’s coming.

EDIT 4: 9/1/09 4:00 PM – A handful of new responses: Ashley of From Komi to Marvin, Malaka of The Grand International,  Orr of Young & Hungry and the Beerspotter at the Washington City Paper and Jessica of Bisnow as well as Cathy from We Love DC.

EDIT 5: 9/1/09 9:00 PM – And even more additions: the eponymous Restaurant Refugee, Sacha of Going Green DCNick and Norah of the new The Not Thin Man and Mark (with or without his colleagues) from Penn Quarter Living 

EDIT 6: 9/2/09 11:25 AM – With about six hours to go before the event, we’ve got a few more last-minute attendees: Johnna of Johnna Knows Good Food and Anita of Greg’s List DC.

EDIT 7: 9/2/09 1:45 PM – Those weren’t the last-minute responses after all…here are four more to add: the eponymous Thrifty DC Cook, Roganista of D.C. Eat and Jennifer and Sanjeev of Two Taste Buds (hooray for couples who blog together!)

The current count stands at roughy 35 40 (mostly) food and gardening bloggers.  It should be a great time; feel free to stop by even if you haven’t responded yet!>>