BlogtoberfestAh, Oktoberfest.  Sure, it’s an almost 200 year-old traditional Bavarian festival that celebrates a royal marriage, but here in America we’ve taken it to its logical conclusion: a month-long excuse to drink German beer, eat sausage and pretzels, and dress like the St. Pauli Girl (Note: Doing so without shaving one’s beard and mustache is likely to earn you more than a few odds looks).

And now Orr Stuhl, the Washington City Paper’s intrepid Beerspotter, has taken it one step further.  As announced on September 14th, Orr is calling all bloggers – food and otherwise – to rise up with one voice and declare the next few weeks to be BLOGTOBERFEST here in Washington.

Here at Capital Spice, we love a good collaborative effort among bloggers (especially one that was born of the DC Food Bloggers’ Happy Hour earlier this month), so we’re definitely on board with this idea.  As explained by Orr over at the City Paper, Blogtoberfest represents an invitation for bloggers to dedicate a few posts during the month of October to various aspects of their own personal beer experiences.

But what to write about, right?  Orr’s glad you asked.  And he wants your input to determine the prompts that bloggers will be encouraged to write about each week. 

Think you’ve got some good ideas?  Then join Orr (and us) at Axis Bar & Grill on U Street this Wednesday for a planning (and drinking) session.  We’ll be gathering around 6:30 before getting down to business at 7.  And we promise we won’t stop until we’ve come up with a lineup of topics that will have you searching the Interwebs to see what your favorite DC bloggers are saying.

See you on Wednesday night – and come thirsty!

Axis Bar & Grill
1340 U Street, NW
Washington DC
6:30 – Happy Hour
7:00 – Blogtoberfest Planning