Photo Courtesy of Casey Patten

Photo Courtesy of Casey Patten

When Taylor Gourmet II rolls up its big garage-style door at 11 AM today, Mount Vernon Square is in for a treat.  By now you’ve heard all about the opening – a friends & family reception on Tuesday night turned out plenty of bloggers and media friends who have sounded the alarm.

If you love the Race Street or the 9th Street Italian, this is good news.

If you live in the V at City Vista (or in the newly-expanded Taylor delivery area), this is decidedly good news.  Between Taylor, Busboys and Poets and the forthcoming Kushi you’re getting pretty darn spoiled.

If you happen to get your run on at the Results gym above the new Taylor, this is VERY bad news.  Nothing like fresh mozzarella and prosciutto to undo an hour on the elliptical.  At least the great taste makes it well worth the extra gym time.

Casey Patten and David Mazza have earned all the attention they’ve received so far – they’ve been open and engaging with their neighbors (like us) and they’ve done a great job of telling their unique story to the media.  Their creative use of reclaimed materials in both Taylor locations doesn’t hurt…nor does the sleek, polished look of everything from the sign out front to the countertops.  It just feels cool.

Photo Courtesy of Casey Patten

Photo Courtesy of Casey Patten

It’s definitely not broke, so they didn’t try to change much when they jumped at the opportunity to expand into this new space at the City Vista.  Instead, Mazza and Patten looked for more ways to incorporate repurposed materials into the design of the new, larger space.  They inverted 55-gallon metal drums and 5-gallon tubs, turning them into overhead light fixtures.  They continued their use of deconstructed shipping palates as wall coverings.  And they took scraps left over from their rolled steel countertops to form a 6-foot by 6-foot communal table that will have pride of place within the new store.

Like the original, Taylor II will be a combination deli and market.  In addition to the made-to-order sandwiches – still served on Sarcone’s Italian bread shipped in daily from Philadelphia – you’ll be able to buy a variety of Italian and Italian-American products including pastas, sauces and olive oil.  The inventory is hand-selected by Mazza and Patten, who pride themselves on bringing in the best and offering it at a competitive price.

When you get there?  Be sure to try the arancini – you’ll thank us.  Just don’t ask for mayo on your sandwich.  They don’t have any, and they don’t make any apologies for what they see as an issue of authenticity.

If you’ve had a chance to visit Taylor on H Street since it opened, you’ve got a pretty good idea of what to expect at this second location.  If you haven’t, you’ve got one less excuse not to check out Taylor: this location is just two blocks from the Metro, on K Street Northwest.

Taylor Gourmet II
485 K Street, NW
Washington, DC
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