Some vaguely Halloween-themed food news…
More evidence that the Checkers on Maryland Ave NE is the gateway to hell
Looks like Bravo will continue to haunt our DVRs. The network has renewed Top Chef Masters and ordered a Top Chef focused exclusively on desserts
So Good discovers Death by Bacon
Endless Simmer plays with blood sausage. Spooky! 
Is there a Twilight-themed restaurant in America’s future? 
Try Food For Real’s smothered rabbit
Want to trick or treat but with booze? Try the candy-themed drinks at Equinox
Now on to the regular updates…
Frank Morales takes the lead as the new chef of Jackie’s in Silver Spring, as reported by Young & Hungry. 
Ruth’s Chris steakhouse launches a catering service.  
Cheese + Champagne attends a fundraiser for the California Artisan Cheese Guild and we are dripping with jealousy. 
Planning a romantic weekend in Montreal? DC EAT has a great food roadmap
The Bitten Word celebrates with a chocolate stout cake and peanut butter frosting

Homemade French onion soup from Sassy Dining.  
Againn, DC’s newest gastropub, opened this week. 
Chef Thomas Keller reflects on cooking his father’s last meal.
Jane Black wrote a great article for WaPo on humanely raised veal. Interested in tasting the difference? DCers can pick up local, humanely raised veal at the Bloomgindale Farmers Market as well as HomeFarm in Middleburg.
Is quince the new hot fruit?  

Campbell’s Soup is slurping up Times Square with an extra long noodle.