goatsdoroamTop Chef winner Stephanie Izzard creates a moveable feast… complete with bacon.  Dear Chef Izzard, we will come to Chicago for the next one if you invite us. For realsies. 
What are the best fast food chains DC is missing?  
Did you know Dairy Queens have a happy hour?  
Which apples are best for baking?  
USA TODAY advises Stephen Colbert to time his visit to the offices to coincide with a popular salad in the cafeteria. (Although in fairness I have had that salad and it is pretty tasty.) 
Veritas is hosting a wine tasting feature the red wines of Italy.  
Jeremy Piven claims soy milk gave him man-boobs.  
What are the predicted dining trends of 2010
Restaurants and vendors are already preparing homemade sauerkraut, a Baltimore table staple, for Thanksgiving.

Justin Guthrie is rolling out warming winter cocktails at POV and Metrocurean has a first look.

The Internet Food Association talked with Top Chef’s casting director as the show came looking for talent in our area this past week.

The Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show is back in town again this weekend – you can still get there to check out Paula Deen, Tyler Florence, and DC’s own Capital Cooking Show tomorrow.

Restaurant 3 is holding a Southern Thanksgiving – complete with Turducken!