TesauroLast month, the Morrison House paired up with Jason Tesauro to host the first of four monthly evenings aimed at making true “Modern Gentlemen” out of Washington dudes.  Titled “Sticks & Stones,” the class walked guests through the ins and outs of cigars (sticks) and whisky with ice (stones).  But that was just the beginning. 

We got a taste of what Tesauro will be rolling out for the remainder of the classes during a media presentation.  What we learned is that being a Modern Gentleman isn’t quite what you’d expect.  As it turns out, Jason Tesauro is the author of “The Modern Gentleman: A Guide to Essential Manners, Savvy and Vice.”  In it, he counsels men on how to live with style…but not be a tool about it.  These classes are a natural outgrowth of that philosophy.

Modern Gentleman BookTake a look at Tesauro in that picture to the right.  The man knows how to dress.  He knows how to enjoy a glass of wine.  And he knows how to mix a classic cocktail.  No matter the situation, he’s comfortable in his own skin.

Skeptics might question the value of such knowledge in today’s society, or chalk Tesauro’s teachings up to a revival of the “Swingers” mentality that seeks to cash in on a nostalgia for the “Mad Men” era.  But they’d be overlooking the main tenet of what he’s trying to communicate.  Simply: Everything you say and do is a representation of yourself; put some thought and effort into it.

Ever want to learn how to open a bottle of champagne with a sword?  That’s just one of the subjects covered (if one of the more colorful) in the remaining classes.

Check out the remainder of the curriculum with dates, times and prices after the jump.

Carving a Turkey·         November 18 @ 7:00 p.m.: Brews and Birds: Craft Beers and the Art of Carving: Just in time for Thanksgiving, Tesauro and Chef Dennis Marron team up to provide some tips on the art of carving, all while deepening an appreciation for microbrews.  Devin Arloski of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery joins this course to lead the line-up of top-flight suds with “off-centered ales” including the brewery’s award-winning 90 Minute IPA. 
·         December 16 @ 7:00 p.m.: Corks & Forks: Essential Wines and Splendid Pairings: Discover the fine points of matching wine to food while enjoying vital varietals and a feast of small plates.  Chef Dennis Marron will prepare an 8-course tasting menu and carry guests through complex courses and dining etiquette.  Swirl and sniff like a master sommelier while covering wine’s advanced ABC’s from food pairing to cellaring to serving. Last but not least, perfect the dramatic art of champagne sabering just in time for New Year’s Eve. 
Post Slice·         January 27 @ 7:00 p.m.:  Fizz and Flask: Highlighting vintage cocktails and modern mixology, this class demystifies distillation and outlines the beauties of sipping tequila, rum agricole, and artisanal liqueurs.  Polish your bartending skills and learn to expertly mix and garnish vintage drinks like the Blue Moon and the Yellow Parrot.

Each class runs two hours and costs $80.  Food, drinks and relevant class materials (like sabers) are provided, and Tesauro promises to pepper his presentations with advice on fashion, dating and etiquette along with the topic of the evening.  You can register for each class individually, or sign up for all three of the remaining dates at once.

To make your reservation, call (703) 838-8000.  You may not need a stint at Tool Academy, but a few classes with Tesauro could probably do you a world of good.  I’m looking forward to them myself.