Thinking of going beyond Butterball this season? Going Green DC has a rundown of where you can purchase organic, local turkeys. For the uninitiated,  a fresh turkey really is a lightyear’s  worth of difference in flavor and texture. No more of that tacky meat that gets stuck in your molars. 
Congratulations to DC-based food writers Tim Carman, Joe Yonan, Monica Bhide, Jane Black and Todd Kliman for their inclusion of The Best Food Writing of 2009.  
The dairy industry is launching a new campaign to push chocolate milk in school cafeterias
UC Berkeley students assemble the world’s largest sushi roll
Repeal Day is coming! Serious cocktailers can get their tickets now for the December 5th event at PS7’s. 
Could Dr. Dremo’s – originally lost to the evil monster of Clarendon condo development – rise from the ashes in a new location? 
The Art of Manliness reviews cream sodas
Former Microsoft technology chief takes on molecular gastronomy
The Passenger is now open for business.

The Slow Cook speaks up for the value of gardens in fighting childhood obesity. 
Preparing a feast in a small kitchen? Take some tips from these chefs. 
Can the chocolate chip cookie recipe be improved? The Internet Food Association investigates.  
The Bitten Word tries squash bread pudding in a rum sauce. 
DC Foodies checks out a few brewery tours in MD
OMG do you have enough waffles stockpiled to survive the Eggo shortage?  [hat tip to BYT for the link]