Click on the image to go to our Google map that locates every restaurant participating in Alexandria's Second Annual Restaurant Week.

By now, you’re probably enjoying the fruits of your diligent preparation – passing by the lesser Restaurant Week participants with a self-satisfied smile as you settle in for some of the best $35.10 meals Washington has to offer.  If only it didn’t have to end, right?

Good news – it doesn’t.  At least not for another week or so!  As they did last year, Alexandria restaurants have joined forces to put on their very own version of Restaurant Week.  From this Friday until the following Sunday, more than 50 Alexandria establishments will be offering one of three deals:

  • $35 prix-fixe dinners
  • $35 dinners for two
  • $3.50 sweet treats

We’ve put together a map that lists all of the participants, like we do for DC Restaurant Week.  After the jump, a few thoughts about taking full advantage.

1. Read the map carefully. This isn’t your average Restaurant Week, where everyone is offering the same deal at the same price.  Some places are charging a flat $35 per person, while others are tacking on the traditional $0.10 extra for the year.  In some cases you’ve got free rein to pick from the entire menu, while in others you’ve got everything but your entree set from the get-go.  It pays to check out each menu (conveniently linked on the map) as you go.

2. Alexandria isn’t just about King Street. Del Ray is part of Alexandria, as well, and some of the most exciting participants we noticed are located along Mount Vernon Avenue.  Additionally, there are a couple of outliers south of Old Town in Belle Haven and west toward Landmark along Duke Street.

3. Dinner for two for $35? Generally speaking, the $35-for-two deals are being offered at some of the more casual and less expensive options.  Even so, there are almost 20 places to choose from offering this sweetheart deal, and a few of them could turn out to be the real gems of this promotion.

4. That random yellow tag. In addition to the restaurant offerings on the map, you’ll see one yellow tag.  Check it out – it sounds intriguing.

Other than that, standard Restaurant Week recommendations and precautions apply.  But with the flurry of OpenTable activity focused on this week, there’s a good chance you’ll still be able to snag some primetime reservations at your preferred participants if you decide your dining out budget can handle another Restaurant Week this month.  We’re certainly planning to take advantage of this great opportunity to get to know our new neighbors.