Happy rainy Sunday.  Wet Sundays like today are meant for nothing more than baking and inhaling your new goodies. Going to a bar in the afternoon is also a good alternative. Have at it.

Mrs. Wheelbarrow takes a moment to reflect on the earthquake in Haiti and life-opening experience as a teenage volunteer in there many moons ago. 
Johnna Knows Good Food posts a recipe for Haitian Beyen, a traditional dessert. 
Are the days numbered for the old-school waiters who memorize your order? Do you care? Usually when I don’t see a waiter writing down the tables orders I brace myself for mistakes. 
Get ready for some sweet decadence with Biscuits and Such’s marshmallow-meringue sweet potato pie. Then call your dentist.  

Mayor Fenty’s office launched Date Night DC, a website dedicated to their “28 day stimulus plan for love and relationships,” helmed by Dr. Ruth (yes, THAT Dr. Ruth). The site includes date ideas and deals on restaurants in the city. 
Trying to get healthy? Check out the 11 best foods you aren’t eating.
Girl Meets Food educates us on the true story of the 1919 Boston Molassacre, which unleashed 14,000 tons of molasses on the streets of Boston. 
Young & Hungry gives us a glimpse into Masala  Art
Yarrrrrr. The Argonaut is kicking off a shrimp feast/pirate party.