Kudos to Restaurant Nora which scored the Michelle Obama birthday dinner this year. We heartily agree with the location choice. 
Attention eco-conscious seafood eaters: Seafood Watch added U.S.-farmed Coho salmon, Alaskan wild-caught pollock and U.S.-farmed freshwater prawns to its list of sustainable seafood choices. 
Arugula Files makes a leek and goat cheese galette
The Taco Bell founder passed away this week. 
Gansie at Endless Simmer wants to be down with smoking a white fish. Should we loop her in to the Big Green Egg mafia?  
San Francisco vendors place a renewed interest in artisan, sustainable bacon. I didn’t know bacon was considered unsustainable?  
18th and Swine posts some competition-level recipes for BBQ rubs and sauces.

Specially trained dogs in Oregon sniff out ripe truffles. 
Want to see how DC elite dined? Things That Inspire put together a great collection of Kennedy-owned homes from the DC area, including kitchens and dining rooms.  Good news – some of the homes are for sale! 
BYT and Thrillist are giving away a fully stocked bar.  Sign up for a chance to win.
White Castle will be taking reservations for Valentine’s Day.  
Candy hearts, everyone’s least favorite Valentine’s Day candy, are adding a social media message to the hearts this year. 
Going Green DC gives us the lowdown on organic cocktails.